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Obtenga los formularios de impuestos y las publicaciones del IRS que necesita para declarar impuestos.

Determining which tax forms to use and how to complete them can be complex. Between individual filing processes and business filing needs, it’s challenging for many taxpayers to find and complete the correct forms. However, filling out the appropriate IRS forms is crucial when filing both federal and state income taxes.

Have questions about particular tax forms? Discover how-to instructions for some of the most common IRS tax forms used for personal and business tax returns by simply entering an IRS form number in the Search for Forms below.

Formularios de impuestos populares


IRS Form 8802: Application for United States Residency Certification For U.S. residents living[...]

Lista de formulario de impuestos


What Is a W-4? A Form W-4 is otherwise known as the Employee’s Withholding[...]


W-2 Tax Form January marks the time of year when employees around the nation[...]

Formulario 9465

IRS Form 9465: Installment Agreement Request Each year, there are thousands of Americans who[...]

FORM 940

Form 940 Explained: When to File + Instructions What is Form 940? IRS Form[...]

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