CORONAVIRUS TAX RELIEF: Stay up-to-date with tax changes using our COVID-19 tax guide. READ MORE

CORONAVIRUS TAX RELIEF: Stay up-to-date with tax changes using our COVID-19 tax guide.

Jacob Dayan, Esq.
CEO & Co-Founder
Adam Dayan, Esq.
Co-Founder & Partner
Nick Charveron, EA
Co-Founder & Partner
Michael Hoefke
Vice President of Sales, Enrolled Agent
William Murphy,
Director of Talent Acquisition and Human Resources
Jessie Seaman,
Esq. & EA
Vice President of Client Servicing and Engagement
Sarah Nieschalk, EA
Assistant Vice President, Servicing
Maria Soto
Vice President of
Customer Service
Daniel Urban, ESQ
Vice President of
Customer Relations
Joshua Robison
Manager, Information
Technology Department
Alan Stafford
New Client Enrollment Manager
Arely Antunez
Resolution Manager
Cynthia Patino
HR Business Partner
Andrew J. Kanfer
VP of Corporate
Development & Strategy
Lauren Noel
Manager, Customer Care and Satisfaction
Deborah Parks
Enrollment Process Master
Jordan Snow
Tax Assurance Program Lead
Kristan Venlos
Business Analytics Manager
Robert Jakovich
Tax Preparation Manager
Brian McDonald
Client Enrollment Manager
Paul Rosario
Client Enrollment Manager, Spanish Language
Will Dezoma
Manager of Clerks
Annabelle Borota, Esq.
Tax Professionals
Gerardo Barron, CPA
Tax Practitioner
Anderson, Esq.
Tax Resolution
Benjamin Medina, EA
Manager for Phase One Investigations
Ryan Stegenga, ESQ
Senior Tax Practitioner
Robert Craig, EA
Tax Reviewer
Paul Gluck, ESQ
Managing Practitioner
of Enrollment
John Albarran, ESQ
Managing Practitioner
Han Tao, EA
Tax Practitioner
Edwin J Valentin Cardé, Esq.
Tax Practitioner
Stephanie Medina Padilla, Esq.
Tax Practitioner
James Feliksik, Esq.
Tax Practitioner
Peter Kang, Esq.
Senior Tax Practitioner
Barry Rubin, CPA
Tax Practitioner
Frances Labadie, Esq.
Tax Practitioner
Theresa Daniel, ESQ
Manager of Resolutions
Markos Baños, Esq.
Tax Practitioner
Joshua Bernstein
Tax Practitioner & DA/BI
Maureen Hawkins, Esq.
Associate Practitioner
Angie Hobbs
Case Advocate and Practitioner
Tyler Butt, Esq.
Senior Practitioner
Lourdes Miramontes
Case Analyst
Roberto Spinelli, EA
Tax Practitioner
Ted Jankowski, EA
Tax Practitioner
Maggie Tran
Tax Practitioner
Ashley Thomas
Enrolled Agent
Henry Redd
Enrolled Agent
Jose Leon, Esq.
Tax Practitioner
Jose R. Nieves, Esq.
Tax Practitioner
Luis R. Rivera
Santos, Esq.
Tax Practitioner
Montalvo, Esq.
Tax Practitioner

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