Meet Our Team – Maria Soto

Meet Our Team –
Maria Soto

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Manager, Service –
Client Success

Role at Community Tax

What makes Community Tax special is the superior service that’s friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. That’s largely due to our fantastic case management and customer service teams. As the Vice President of Customer Service, Maria is responsible for the training, development, and management of these highly specialized and important teams. Her goal is to ensure that Community Tax provides the best possible experience for all clients.


Maria has nearly 11 years of experience in call center management as well as internal quality assurance and compliance regulation. She also has extensive experience as a Compliance Officer in various industries, including micro-financing. Maria started at Community Tax as a Case Manager, but through her excellent work and unwavering dedication to clients, she was promoted to Quality Assurance Manager, and now, Vice President of Customer Service.

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Before Maria began working in Client Services, she worked in and studied special education. Her experience in education make her especially qualified for training and managing team members.

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