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Our Mission

Community Tax: Take Control.

Our Mission


Community Tax makes high quality tax help affordable and accessible to everyday people so that they can take control of their lives. As a community of experienced tax professionals, we make tax issues understandable and tax health a reality for our clients. We do that by running data-driven and predictable processes that deliver the best and most efficient results for each client. What we offer is the peace of mind that only comes with taking back control of one’s life.


Community Tax is committed to continuous improvement as a habit. We are fearless in asking our clients to make good decisions and tough choices as we work together. We’re committed to excellence not only for our clients, but for ourselves. We aspire to make disciplined decisions that drive our relentless pursuit of self-improvement each day.


We believe these core values support both the mission and the vision of this community.

  • Great for the sake of being great. We embrace a growth-mindset as we strive to be the best at what we do each and every day, not because we are asked to, but because we push ourselves to be the best. We believe part of being great requires operating with integrity and accountability.
  • Relentless in our pursuit of results. We are united by a common commitment to our clients’ best interests. We know that chasing excellence is a details business. We leverage data and our collective expertise to produce favorable results with precision.
  • Nothing meaningful is achieved alone. We believe in the power of teams. We collaborate with transparency and trust. We overcommunicate to keep one another aligned. We collectively celebrate our accomplishments because we know we are better together.
  • Empathetic in our approach. Our interactions with our clients and with each other are grounded in kindness and humility. And we embrace diversity as a strength with the belief that our varied life experiences make us better at what we do.

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