Do I Owe the IRS? Tax Relief Programs Help

Do I Owe the IRS?

Tax relief searches on the internet give many types of results.  The range can be from government help for disaster victims to companies that offer tax relief services.  The government help for disaster victims usually comes in the form of a tax break that can be claimed on the following year’s tax returns.  It’s the nation’s way of helping to subsidize the rebuilding of communities.  The lesser known form of
tax relief is offered by companies like who hope to link taxpayers in debt to the various repayment plans that the government offers.

It’s important to investigate tax relief companies before availing oneself of their services.  Finding out “do I owe the IRS” can be a difficult process. Only certain tax professionals are able to represent taxpayers in front of the IRS.  These include Certified Public Accountants, otherwise known as CPAs, as well as Enrolled Agents.  Those who are not familiar with Enrolled Agents, they are tax experts who have been authorized by the government to represent taxpayers.  Any company that does not employ lawyers but is offering tax relief must have these individuals on their staff.  At times, these tax relief companies are more affordable than their competitors, but it’s important to review contracts thoroughly before signing.

There are different forms of tax relief that these companies can offer a taxpayer.  The IRS has repayment programs, penalty and interest
abatement, and even a special status known as Currently Not Collectible which protects the individual from further government collection actions for a time.  As this status is usually only for those in financial dire straits, it remains a rare, but nevertheless enticing, tax relief program.

All tax relief programs need to be qualified for each individual taxpayer.  Every taxpayer will not be eligible for all of these programs.  But, it takes a qualified tax professional to make that verification and remain in accordance with the government guidelines that each of these plans adheres to.  Companies like offer free consultations to ascertain if individuals have the qualifications necessary to begin a tax relief program without defaulting or causing themselves undue financial stress.  Taxpayers who have back tax debt should call now to avoid steep tax penalties.

About the Author Tax relief is a huge stepping stone for many people to surmount.  Daniel Reyes writes blogs and articles at about the methods to find tax relief in his work as a marketing assistant for a professional tax company.  Daniel’s main mission is to inform individuals of the different types of tax relief readily available and to encourage taxpayers to take advantage of the various back tax programs that already exist.  He is well aware that many people, many of whom do qualify for various repayment programs, do not take advantage of the plans mostly because they are unaware of their existence.