You Can’t Put a Price Tag on Peace of Mind

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with making honest mistakes — not a single person alive can claim to have never slipped up in one way or another.

But when it comes to making an honest mistake on your taxes — no matter how small — it can quickly snowball out of control.

“Most people don’t understand what the IRS is capable of,” says Jessie Seaman, Vice President of Servicing at Community Tax.

When people slip on their taxes, the IRS will pursue the debt with any means necessary — garnishing wages, levying bank accounts, and even seizing assets.

“People come to Community Tax at some of the toughest points in their lives,” says Seaman, a ten-year veteran in the tax resolution industry. “They wake up early, work hard, come home late, save what they can… and yet their debt grows. No matter how hard they work, they won’t be able to buy a house, or send their kids to college — or retire. Eventually, they find themselves asking, ‘what’s the point?’”

But no matter how dire the situation is, Community Tax will relentlessly pursue a settlement with the IRS.

“If you want a success story, we can give you hundreds — thousands — of success stories,” Seaman says.

In January 2020 alone, Community Tax resolved 560 cases — and saved clients $2,452,361.89 in compromise payments.

For every one of those clients, their immediate tax problems were over.

“For someone who is already overwhelmed with tax debt, spending money on outside help can be an extraordinarily difficult choice,” says Seaman. “People will wait and wait until the last minute — until the situation becomes so unbearable — to reach out. But once we resolve the problem, the relief is palpable. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.”

“When all is said and done, the thing we hear — by far — the most often from our clients is: ‘I wish we had called you years ago.”

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