How to Hit a Grand Slam on Your Next Tax Return

The Grand Slam of Tax Return Preparation

The grand slam of tax return preparation

  1. Organize. Organize. Organize.
    – Organization is the most important aspect of tax return preparation, so start now!
    – Figure out what method works best- software, a mobile app, or traditional filing cabinets
  2. What is your projected income?
    – Businesses create income projections, so can you!
    – Projections should include anything with an impact on your income- salary and stock options, self-employed taxes, and anticipated deductions
  3. Sit down with your CPA or a tax preparer
    – Each year, people discover a lot of questions during tax season
    – Now that your tax professional’s crunch time is over, schedule an appointment to discuss these with them and be better informed now and in the future
  4. Review your records
    – Now is the perfect time to check over your records
    – Ensuring that everything was done correctly can help if your taxes are ever audited
    – Be sure to check taxes your employer is withholding- instead of receiving a large refund each year, why not get the money now? We hope these tips help so that you can hit a Grand Slam on your next tax return!