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Determining which tax forms to use and how to complete them can be complex. Between individual filing processes and business filing needs, it’s challenging for many taxpayers to find and complete the correct forms. However, filling out the appropriate IRS forms is crucial when filing both federal and state income taxes.

Have questions about particular tax forms? Discover how-to instructions for some of the most common IRS tax forms used for personal and business tax returns by simply entering an IRS form number in the Search for Forms below.

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FORM 5695

Going green benefits both the environment and your bank account. Energy-efficient home upgrades help[...]


IRS Form 56: Instructions & Overview Form 56 is filed with the IRS at[...]

FORM 433-F

Form 433-F: Collection Information Statement In hot water with the IRS? Don’t panic. If[...]

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FORM 8965

Form 8965: Health Coverage Exemptions Note: The individual mandate from the Affordable Care Act[...]

FORM 8962

IRS Form 8962 What Is a Premium Tax Credit? A premium tax credit, or[...]

FORM 8949

Tax Form 8949 If you must report capital gains and losses from an investment[...]

FORM 8917

Form 8917 It’s no secret that higher education can be outrageously expensive. From tuition[...]

FORM 8889

Tax Form 8889 If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), you might be[...]

FORM 8863

Form 8863 Good news: if you’re struggling to cover the costs of tuition, books,[...]

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