Top Business Jobs of the 21st Century

2010: Actuary– In a financially unsound economy, the job of an actuary is quite relevant. Someone is needed to make sense of the financial impact of risk and uncertainty.

Average Income: $85,229

Unemployment: 0%

Projected Growth (2020): 27%

2011: Accountant –Despite unsavory portrayals of accountants, they make a pretty good living with quite a bit of job security. As long as people make money, financial record inspection will be a necessity.

Average Income: $65,940

Unemployment: 3.2%

Projected Growth (2022): 11%

2012: Financial Analyst –This career path combines cost-monitoring and presentation skills withstrategic vision.

Average Income: $80,310

Unemployment: 5.7%

Projected Growth (2024): 12%

2013: Brand Manager –Responsible for planning, developing, and overseeing the marketing of a specific product or brand name.

Average Income: $78,000

Unemployment: 3.5%

Projected Growth (2020): 14%

2014: Mathematician– Applies mathematical theories and techniques to solve practical problems in business, engineering, and the sciences.

Average Income: $101,360

Unemployment: 1.2%

Projected Growth (2022): 23%

2015: Market Research Analyst – Studies consumer behavior, then uses those observations to support companies on branding, packaging, and selling products.

Average Income: $60,800

Unemployment: 3%

Growth (2022): 31.6

2016: Statistician – Applies theories and methods to answer practical problems in business, engineering, the sciences, and other fields.

Average Income: $80,110

Unemployment: 4.0%

Growth (2024): 34%