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Montalvo, Esq.
Tax Practitioner
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At Oxford University, Samuel studied Advanced Evidence and Trial technics. He’s also a U.S. military veteran.

Role at Community Tax

As a Tax Practitioner at Community Tax, Samuel helps clients reach a tax resolution with the IRS, with state taxing authorities, or with collection agencies. He has a wide breadth of legal and tax knowledge and is useful in developing a tax resolution strategy so clients can achieve the best possible solution to their tax conflict. Having served as a public defender, he has an incredible amount of experience and can guide clients through audits, tax liens, and more.


Samuel graduated summa cum laude from the Universidad del Este in Puerto Rico with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing. But his schooling wasn’t done there. He went on to graduate cum laude from the Inter American School of Law in Puerto Rico as well as from Oxford University in England.

After he completed his education, Samuel worked in the Public Defender office in San Juan Puerto Rico and represented the accused in criminal proceedings. He also worked pro bono for the Innocents Projects and the Inter American Community Legal Office, where he worked extensively with low-income clients. All these experiences have prepared him to help clients through complicated tax disputes with federal and state taxing authorities.

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