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Robert Craig, EA
Tax Reviewer
Get to Know Him

Robert received a Master’s Degree in Taxation from DePaul University, B. Admin Special Honours from the University of Zimbabwe, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Arizona State University.


Paralegal Certification from the University of San Diego
Computer Audit Certification from the University of North Texas

Role at Community Tax

Robert is a Tax Reviewer at Community Tax. He carefully reads through returns to check their accuracy and he makes sure that each return complies with federal and state tax laws. Robert’s work minimizes the chance that the IRS will reject a return. He is also critical in helping clients get their taxes filed on time and their tax refund in their pocket as soon as possible.


Robert worked for over 16 years as a Tax Auditor for the IRS and for the Florida Department of Revenue. He also has over 25 years of experience at various CPA and law firms. His extensive experience and tax knowledge makes him the perfect person to review returns at Community Tax.

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