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Maureen Hawkins
Associate Practitioner
Organizations & Certifications

Taxation Committee Member of The Chicago Bar Association

Role at Community Tax

Maureen Hawkins is an Associate Practitioner at Community Tax. In her role, Maureen assists clients with tax planning and analysis. She also helps devise customized tax resolution strategies for clients who are facing issues with the IRS due to tax debt and tax-related concerns.


Maureen has been a licensed tax attorney for over 17 years. Throughout her career, she handled a variety of tax cases, including those involving fraud and evasion. Prior to joining the Community Tax team, Maureen served as a judicial law clerk to Judge Hon. Arthur J. Lombard. She was also a research assistant to Law Professor Zanita E. Fenton and the University of Michigan for the previous seven years.

Maureen has an extensive history of working in the financial services industry and is skilled in nonprofit organizations, analytical research, accounting, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and operational excellence. Her vast knowledge plays a large role in her ability to serve Community Tax clients who seek representation.

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