Meet Our Team
Luis R. Rivera
Santos, Esq.
Tax Practitioner
Get to Know Him

Luis can speak both English and Spanish. He also founded his own magazine, Nivel Optimo Magazine, and served as its Executive Director.


Licensed to Practice Law in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
Licensed Notary Public in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Role at Community Tax

Luis is a Tax Practitioner at Community Tax. He and our other Tax Practitioners develop effective tax solution strategies that are personalized to each client’s situation. With Luis’ friendly guidance and invaluable knowledge, clients can resolve any tax conflict that they’re caught up in.


Luis received his law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Before joining Community Tax, he worked as an Investigator for Puerto Rico Emergency Medical Consulting Inc. Over his seven-year career, he has also worked as an Administrative Judge, Attorney, and Notary Public. He has developed expertise in helping clients deal with civil, criminal, and administrative cases.

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