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Lauren Noel
Manager, Customer Care and Satisfaction
Get to Know Her

Lauren has a Bachelor’s degree from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. She graduated with a double major in English Literature and Sociology and a minor in Art History.

Role at Community Tax

Lauren is the Manager of the Customer Care and Satisfaction (CCS) department at Community Tax and has been part of the team for over three years. Lauren’s role is hands-on when it comes to customer experience. Her job is centered around resolving any client escalation issues that may arise during the tax resolution process. As she puts it, she’s focused on “turning not-so-happy clients into clients who are excited to work with Community Tax”. As manager of CCS, it’s her goal to use these experiences to improve our services and provide the best possible experience for every client we assist.


Lauren’s professional experience has always been centered around customers. Her career began when she started as a customer service representative right out of college. In her following roles, she moved up the customer service ladder. She’s worked as a Team Lead, then a Quality Assurance Analyst, and now a Manager. If one thing is clear from her career path, it’s that she’s passionate about making customers happy.

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