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Brian McDonald
Resolution Sales
Get to Know Him

Brian believes his success at Community Tax stems from his passion for helping others during times of financial and emotional duress. His favorite words to live by are found in an Eagle’s song: “So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key”.

Role at Community Tax

Brian provides invaluable help to the Community Tax team as an Enrollment Manager who takes great care in his role. He’s responsible for educating our Enrollment staff, so they’re fully trained in our client-oriented approach to tax resolution. He guides new members through the process of presenting and facilitating resolution services, working hand in hand to ensure a positive customer experience. Brian goes above and beyond by assisting with day to day operations in the Enrollment Department, always looking for opportunities to innovate and improve our internal processes.


Before joining us at Community Tax in 2015, Brian gained nearly a decade’s worth of experience selling professional services. His time as an Enrollment Specialist at a Bankruptcy and Consumer Debt Relief company taught him many qualities that lend him great success in his current role, namely, the importance of listening to each client’s unique case to create a tax resolution strategy that’s tailored to their specific needs.