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Arely Antunez

Resolution Manager
Get to Know Her

Arely grew up in Durango, Mexico and moved to Chicago in 2010. In her personal life and in her career, Arely’s passion is helping other people reach their goals. In her free time, Arely, likes to read about Kabbalah and astrology.

Role at Community Tax

Arely Antunez is a resolution manager, overseeing the P2 Cancun team, while also enrolling clients for the second phase of our two-phase program. Working in resolutions, Arely is fundamental in assisting clients with IRS issues, no matter how large their tax debt is. As the resolution manager, Arely is also involved in helping the team develop the best possible methods for helping clients navigate their IRS issues while providing exceptional service.


Arely has worked at Community Tax for over six years. She started her career with the company as a case analyst and has excelled as her career has progressed. Over the last few years, she has evolved into several different roles. Arely also has a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies.