When you choose a tax prep company, you are putting your financial future in their hands. This can be a nerve-wracking experience, but a qualified tax professional has the ability to secure your financial future, organize your current tax situation and help you create a plan to move forward.

There are many tax prep companies available, which makes choosing the right one a challenge. Many professionals will promise to eliminate all of your debts and create a flawless plan, but not everyone has the skill or the proven experience to do so. At Community Tax, LLC, we make it our mission to provide only the best tax debt services to everyone in need. We have years of experience relieving tax debt and creating a comprehensive plan to improve the tax returns of our clients. We fulfill our promise to give our clients financial freedom and stability to live their lives to the fullest. Our professionals at Community Tax are equipped to create a personalized payment plan just for you that allows you to move forward and accomplish your financial goals. With our tax debt relief services, we create a hassle-free environment to provide comfort and peace of mind.

Many taxpayers opt to file their taxes themselves. They use online resources to file their taxes and just hope to get the most out of their return. Online services are useful when taxes are simple and uncomplicated. But as time goes on and investment builds, you are better off with a qualified expert who can take care of the busy work for you. According to a survey from GoBankingRates, more Americans are turning to digital tax filing platforms—up to 34.5 percent.

Many who are inexperienced in tax law may eventually find themselves in unexpected debt and feel at a loss as to how they can achieve stability. They may find themselves in a financial quandary—a veritable minefield in which they don’t know where to turn. This can cause crippling anxiety, depression and strained relationships. However, all of these scenarios can be avoided or solved with the proper plan. Our superior tax professionals are equipped to formulate that plan and bring you to financial freedom.

At Community Tax, our certified public accountants, practitioners, and enrolled agents know all the ins and outs of the various federal installment agreements put in place by the IRS. Each agreement is different and addresses a variety of needs and financial situations a client might be in. Additionally, their experience in speaking to IRS agents allows them to negotiate plans for Tax Resolution Services or contracts with great confidence and skill that a taxpayer with little prior IRS dealings may not have.

Our passion is to give our clients top-notch services that will ease their tax debt woes. We are ready start with you right away and execute a plan to keep you out of debt. Our professionals will sit down with you and simplify confusing tax laws and legal jargon that will give you a better understanding of the options available. We believe that education is the first step in helping our clients succeed, so we will equip you with the knowledge you need to move forward. Our services are designed to be budget-friendly so you can handle your debt efficiently. We don’t believe that you should take on more debt to solve your debt issues which is why we provide affordable services tailored to your needs.

When Should You Hire a Tax Prep Company?

There are many reasons to hire a tax prep company. Whether you seek to organize your financial future or pull yourself out of debt, our tax professionals will formulate a plan to achieve your goals. You should always hire a tax professional to keep you out of debt in the first place. As you grow older, your taxes become more complicated. Car loan payments, mortgages, student loan debt and unexpected emergency expenses quickly add up. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself in a financial quandary you couldn’t have imagined. The amount of bills, tax documents and financial statements can become overwhelming. With the proper planning, however, you can save yourself the frustration and set you on the right track to success. Optimize your tax returns and make the most of your investments with tax preparation with Community Tax.

The other, and most vital, reason to hire a tax professional is when you first receive a notice of delinquent taxes or outstanding debt. The first time you get an inkling that you are going to have to prepare to pay off tax debt, you must seek the help of a tax prep company. At Community Tax, we save you time and money by analyzing your financial information to formulate a plan that will best serve your needs. Our professionals have the ability to represent on your behalf before the IRS to negotiate a payment plan that will best serve you. Should you choose to ignore any notices of delinquent taxes from the IRS, you are on the path to financial ruin. The IRS will collect its debt, and you will only harm yourself by accruing interest the more you ignore these notices.

The IRS understandably intimidates many taxpayers. You may have heard the stories of financial struggle and perilous debt payment enforced by the IRS. However, this is all preventable. The IRS is willing to negotiate with you to create a payment plan that allows you to live within your means. They understand that you have financial obligations to yourself and to your family. You will not be deprived to the point of financial squalor; in fact, it’s in their best interests to keep you living well. This is why it is in your best interest to reply right away. The IRS is always willing to negotiate, but ignoring their notices will only hurt you and not them. When a tax debt situation occurs, don’t hesitate to hire a tax professional to serve you. Our tax prep professionals at Community Tax are prepared to prevent further debt and penalties that will inevitably accrue if you don’t act now.

The most urgent circumstance to hire a tax prep service is when you receive a Notice of Intent to Levy. This is the last in a succession of letters you receive when you have outstanding tax debt. When the IRS sends you a Notice of Intent to Levy, they are notifying you that you that they plan to seize all profitable assets until the debt is paid. They will seize all financial assets that will fulfill your debt obligation. You should avoid this at all costs. Solving this issue is simple and easy if you reach out to a tax prep company like Community Tax as soon as possible. Let us pave the road ahead to prevent this financial burden. Even if you do receive this notice, we can help you right away. We will quickly navigate your financial hurdles and represent on your behalf before the IRS to come up with payment plant that you can handle.

We Get Results

At Community Tax, LLC, we let the numbers speak for themselves. We have resolved over $253,000,000 worth of client tax debts. The total savings our clients have accrued surpasses $14,000,000 in 2015. Over the years, innumerable clients have come to us to resolve their financial woes. Many collaborate with us to manage their tax accounts while others have resolved their seemingly hopeless tax debt with a manageable solution. We are proud that many of our clients have left positive testimonials championing the collaboration we make with our clients. The professionals we take pride in resolving our client’s debt and taking care of them. Should you choose Community Tax, we guarantee that we can find the optimal solution that will help you solve your tax problems.

The Plans We Will Negotiate

Our tax prep services will help you get out and stay out of debt. When you accrue debt, interest and penalties you need the aid of a professional to help you every step of the way. Fortunately, our skilled professionals have decades of tax prep experience combined to collaborate with you on a firm solution. There’s no need to live treading with your head barely above water. Choose us and we will negotiate with the IRS between the following payment plans.

  • Monthly Installment. The monthly installment plan is just what it sounds like. If you qualify, the IRS will allow you to make monthly installments instead of a lump sum payment. The IRS will examine your financial status and assets to determine what your monthly payment will be.
  • Offer in Compromise. Should your debt be so high you can’t pay without living in squalor, the IRS is willing to offer a compromise. After seriously considering your case, the IRS will accept a lower amount that you can pay in installments.
  • IRS Debt Forgiveness. In extremely rare circumstances, the IRS will forgive your debt. While difficult to achieve, some people are granted debt forgiveness if there is no other way to pay.

The Many Types of Tax Professionals We Offer                  

Our tax professionals at Community tax come from a variety of backgrounds and gathered years of experience in every case imaginable. We have a trained team of accountants, certified public accountants, enrolled agents and tax lawyers that will help you. Thousands of people suffer from tax debt every year, so you can be rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Not everyone knows that there are a variety of specialized tax experts who are able to correspond with you about an abundance of tax issues. Remember that every year, thousands of people find themselves in your situation, so you need not feel alone. The diversity of our team includes:

Certified Public Accountants

Certified public accountants—also known as CPAs—represent the highest grade of accounting experts. CPAs go through some of the most grueling education and examination process of any career. Those who pursue this career endure years of schooling—some gain a master’s while others achieve a doctoral degree. After they finish school, they spend hundreds of hours studying to pass the infamous CPA exam. This three-part exam is so difficult and grueling that almost half don’t pass their first time, and some must take the exam many years before that can successfully become a CPA. When you have a CPA on your side, you know that you will get top-notch service. CPAs have the authority to represent on your behalf before the IRS. This means that when the CPA goes to appeal your case and negotiate a payment plan, you don’t need to speak nor do you need to attend. A CPA has the expertise to communicate plans properly with the IRS so you don’t have to.

Enrolled Agents

Enrolled agents have the inside scoop on the IRS. This is because many enrolled agents spend years working for the IRS to learn the inner workings of the IRS from all angles. The main difference between an enrolled agent and CPA is that an enrolled agent has exclusive knowledge of tax law, while CPAs have a broad knowledge on all financial matters. Enrolled agents are considered to have the highest prestige under the IRS due to their focused knowledge. They too have unlimited power to speak to the IRS on your behalf.


Like CPAs, lawyers have the ability to represent you on your behalf of the IRS. Our lawyers specialize in tax law and have expertise in applying law to tax situations. All tax lawyers have gone to law school and passed the BAR exam to gain a Juris Doctor. Lawyers often go to school to specialize in financial or tax law in order to help individuals, businesses and organizations through all levels of government. Should you need help with federal, state, local, or international tax issues, our professionals have the experience you need to handle any financial problems that come their way.

If you are struggling with tax debt, you are not alone. When choosing a tax prep company, look no further than Community Tax for fast, efficient and quality service.



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