Tax Help- Tax Identity Theft Can Affect Anyone

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Fox 6 in Milwaukee reported that a woman in Franklin, Wis. received a letter from the IRS asking about her Form 1040EZ that she supposedly filled out… keyword “supposedly.” “I’m so glad I got this letter,” Joy Krowski, the victim of tax identity theft, said to Fox. Krowski made a few phone calls and learned that her Social Security Number was compromised and someone tried to collect her tax refund. That is unfortunately common practice among scammers. Following a police report, Krowski learned that several other people in Franklin had this same problem. She said that she may have had her personal information compromised following a data breach at Blue Cross Blue Shield that took place in late 2014. Data breaches are a way that scammers can get A LOT of personal information of taxpayers. Recently, more than 100,000 people had their identity stolen after the IRS suffered from a data breach, resulting in almost $39 million stolen. As you can see, tax identity theft is an issue that you should not take lightly. Here are some help tips about tax identity theft, and what you can do to protect your identity. Community Tax offers a Monitoring Program that can resolve your issues with tax identity theft and ensure that you will never have another tax problem again. Call today to learn how we can get you on the right track. About the Author: Nick Charveron is a licensed tax practitioner, Co-Founder & Partner of Community Tax, LLC. His Enrolled Agent designation is the highest tax credential offer by the U.S Department of Treasury, providing unrestricted practice rights before the IRS. Follow him on Twitter @VelocityTax