Tax Debt Relief Services Sources – Avoiding Scams

Tax Debt Relief Services

IRS debt relief may seem like an unattainable nirvana to some people, but this goal can be, although not easy, a good probability.  There are many professional companies that offer taxpayers a chance for IRS debt relief through the many programs that the government has put in place for that very purpose.  Companies such as the reputable one found at Community Tax – Debt Resolution have had great results with a good majority of their clients.

Of course, IRS debt relief has many different faces depending on an individual’s circumstances in their financial life as well as how quickly they attempt to remedy their situation.  Some IRS debt relief programs cannot be taken if the amount of debt is over $50,000, for example.  Other programs for IRS debt relief only qualify taxpayers suffering from financial hardship.  Still others involve payment plans that require monthly installments in order to satisfy the debt over time without causing an undue financial strain on the taxpayer.

There are commercials on television and online that offer IRS debt relief to anyone for “pennies on the dollar”.  This is an irresponsible way to advertise IRS debt relief to taxpayers as one has to be uniquely qualified for this plan also known as an Offer in Compromise (OIC).  To find if a taxpayer is eligible for this program, extensive fiscal research must be performed by a tax professional and compared to the guidelines that the government has for that particular method of repayment.  The odds of receiving this form of IRS debt relief are slim, but not impossible.  Still, instilling individuals searching for IRS debt relief with a false sense of hope is not the most ethical business plan.  Taxpayers shopping for a reputable tax company should be aware of these ploys.

Many taxpayers are either not aware that they qualify for these IRS debt relief programs or are wary of companies that seem to prey upon their bad fortune.  But, in order to avoid some of the measures employed by the government such as tax liens and wage garnishment, it’s important to act quickly to settle back tax debt.  Contact Community Tax for help with IRS tax scams, identity theft or income tax debt relief services today. Our staff is standing by to help you with a FREE consultation.

About Daniel Reyes: IRS debt relief, taxes, and repayment plans are just some of the topics covered by Daniel Reyes in the course of his employment as a marketing assistant.  He is working closely with people involved in offering IRS debt relief to taxpayers who cannot manage their debt to the government and has learned of the many methods and requirements necessary for successful representation before the tax agency.  Daniel shares this information with people who need IRS debt relief in his blogs and articles at Community Tax – Debt Resolution.  Daniel is a Chicago native who enjoys who has traveled extensively in the Americas and in the Caribbean.