Offer in Compromise Real Savings Examples from Actual Customers

Offer in Compromise

One of the most important parts of our job here at Community Tax is to help clients get into resolution programs and find ways to save as much money as possible for our clients. While the IRS offers multiple programs to achieve this goal, the Offer in Compromise is the most difficult and sought after means for reducing a tax balance and permanently resolving a delinquent tax issue.

Last week, our team of Tax professionals had 9 OICs accepted, resulting in total savings of over $600,000, and requiring payments of under $20,000 in total to satisfy these debts. The table below gives specific information regarding the settlement obtained on behalf of our clients last week, including which tax agency was owed and the team members that helped these clients find success. Last names have been removed to protect privacy.

Agency Tax Balance Settlement Savings Client Name Practitioner Case Processor
Federal 35,152.00 500.00 34,652.00 Angel Daniel Kattan Maryam Golbarg
Federal 15,637.83 500.00 15,137.83 Tommy Irina Cedano Daniel Verastegui
Federal 13,834.41 250.00 13,584.41 Berrian Jennifer Schaffer Rob Kitson
Federal & South Carolina 280,215.00 5,319.00 274,896.00 Richard Marek Grabowski Rob Kitson
Federal 59,597.00 500.00 59,097.00 Tyler Marek Grabowski Daniel Verastegui
Ohio 73,093.00 9,905.00 63,188.00 Dallas Marek Grabowski Rob Kitson
Federal 61,543.47 500.00 61,043.47 Carl Rob Kitson Kevin Karpiel
Federal & Kansas 29,293.75 500.00 28,793.75 Susan Rob Kitson Angela Davis
Federal 65,031.00 1,080.00 63,951.00 Alburt Sara Engbretson Daniel Kattan
Totals $633,397.46 $19,054.00 $614,343.46

As shown here, the amounts of each settlement can vary widely. The best part of an Offer in Compromise is the great potential for savings. With a single payment, or series of small payments made, an individual can be completely tax debt free, and the delinquent balance is forgiven.

Our team of tax practitioners, case managers and analysts are familiar with what it takes for an Offer in Compromise to be successfully achieved with the IRS and various state taxing authorities. If you qualify, they can turn your case from an overwhelming unpaid tax balance into a manageable amount by negotiating for an OIC that fits into your financial situation. If you find yourself burdened by tax debt, contact one of our tax professionals to see if you are eligible for an Offer in Compromise or other tax debt resolution program.