Lost W2? No Problem! Lost W2 Help

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Lost W2? No Problem! Lost W2 Help

Millions of Americans scramble to file their taxes at the last minute each year. Many will discover in the process that they’re missing important tax information and documentation, like their W2. A W2 is a crucial document that verifies your income and taxes paid throughout the year.

At Community Tax, we understand that mistakes happen. Whether your W2 was lost in the mail or you accidentally threw it away, it’s always possible to recover your information and file. Our licensed tax professionals have helped thousands of clients file their returns, correct mistakes, and prepare for their financial future. If you suspect that your W2 is missing and you need to file fast, you can rest assured knowing that our experts are dedicated to helping you find the right solution.

I lost my W2. How do I Recover it?

You can always receive a new copy of your W2 should it get lost or stolen. There are several ways to get another copy:

Contact your employer or former employer

Don’t waste time sifting through mountains of paperwork when you can receive a new copy of your W2 quickly through your employer. If you’re in a hurry, contact the human resources department of your place of business and they’ll send a new copy right away. When you request a new W2, verify that the original copy was sent to the correct address; it’s not uncommon for W2s to get sent to the wrong address due to a clerical error.

Contact the IRS

If your employer fails to comply, you can always contact the IRS directly. If you don’t receive your W2 by February 14, you can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040. When you call, you’ll be required to provide detailed information to authenticate your identity and receive your W2. This information includes:

  • Your name, address, city, state, and zip code
  • Your Social Security number
  • Dates of Employment
  • An accurate estimate of wages earned and federal income tax withheld
  • Best phone number to contact you

After they verify your identity, they’ll send you a copy of your W2 so you can file fast.

Receive a Digital Copy of Your W2

Your employer might offer a digital copy of your W2. Before you call, check your email to see if a link was shared that allows you to access your W2 online. If you can’t find it, contact your employer and ask if they have a digital option, which might allow you to receive it sooner. Your W2 may be available online through the Tax Form Management system if your employer is registered.

What if my employer never issues my W2?

If you still don’t receive your W2 after you’ve requested a copy from your employer and the IRS, you can send a Form 4852 Substitute for Form W2, Wage, and Tax Statement. Fill out and attach the form to your return with your best estimate of income and taxes withheld, and send it in. The easiest way to fill out the form is to use information from your last paystub. Always submit your form by the current tax deadline to make sure you get approved.

File on time anyway

Whether or not you have your W2, the IRS still requires that you file your taxes by the deadline. If you need more time, our tax experts might request a tax extension while we help you file. The IRS gives you ample time to gather your information before the deadline, and you’ll be vulnerable to penalties and blemishes on your credit score should you fail to comply. Keep track of this year’s deadline to ensure you file your extension on time.

Lost your W2?

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Missing W2s and Identity Theft

If someone else receives your W2, you’re more susceptible to identity theft. This isn’t always in your control; your Social Security number may have been stolen in a data breach, someone might have stolen your mail, or your W2 was sent to the wrong address and the recipient filed a fraudulent return in your name. If you lose your W2 or you suspect it was sent to the wrong address, you should contact the IRS right away. The IRS will ask you a series of questions, including basic information about you and your employer so that they can record your concerns.

Once you receive a new copy of your W2, file your taxes immediately. If an identity thief files before you, the IRS will flag your return, not theirs. You might also want to consider hiring a professional to monitor your credit in the future. Consult our tax professionals at Community Tax when you suspect that your W2 has fallen into the wrong hands, and they’ll keep track of your finances to help avoid potential damage caused by identity theft.

Other Common W2 Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s easy to miss the finer details when taxes get more complicated. Be sure to avoid these errors to stay on good terms with the IRS:

Filing your taxes late

Avoid filing your taxes late at all costs; you may be liable to at least one penalty that can go on your record. If you didn’t file on time, you’ll likely have to pay the failure to file penalty. If you owed taxes but didn’t pay by the deadline, you’re susceptible to the failure-to-file penalty. Filing late can result in a monthly penalty that raises your debt and tarnishes your credit score. If you don’t pay your taxes by the deadline, you’ll likely face a penalty of one half of a percent of your unpaid taxes.

The IRS can impose harsher penalties if you file more than 60 days late. Your resulting cost may range anywhere from $135 to 100 percent of the unpaid tax. Don’t wait to file your taxes, and call us today. We’ll make a plan to help you file on time so you don’t have to suffer the cost of penalties and interest accrual.

Using a W2 form from the wrong year

It’s recommended that you keep copies of your W2s up to three years from the date of your last return, but keeping past returns can cause confusion during tax returns. If you’re busy, distracted, or rushed, it’s easy to pick up the wrong W2 out of your records, especially if you haven’t changed jobs or personal information from the last year. Always use the W2 form for the year the income was taxable, not the year you are filing the form; if you’re filing for the 2016 tax year, you’ll use the 2016 W2 form, and so on.

Sending W2 forms to the IRS

If you’re sending your W2 by mail, don’t make the mistake of sending it to the IRS; you must always send your return to the Social Security Administration.

You’ll have confidence that you’re in good hands when you choose Community Tax. We can amend tax return mistakes, avoid pitfalls, minimize penalties, and maximize your returns no matter what situation you find yourself. Whether you need to replace a missing W2 or lift a wage garnishment, we have you covered.  If you’ve made a blunder in your tax return and don’t know where to turn, Community Tax is your starting point to move forward.

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What to do if Your W2 is Incorrect

You’re more likely to make a mistake when you rush to file at the last minute. When you miss small details, you might notice a big difference in your tax return; one simple mistake can be the difference between a major penalty and a sizeable return in your bank account. Look for these common errors in W2 forms before you file:

  • Incorrect employee name
  • Use of titles and abbreviations in name fields
  • Incorrect Social Security number
  • Incorrect or missing Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Incorrect or omitted Medicare wages
  • Incorrect or omitted Tips
  • Failure to fill the “Retirement Plan” box

The best way to avoid errors is to review your W2 as soon as you receive it. Employers are required to send your W2 by February 2, so check your mail or email daily during this time. If you don’t receive your W2 by February 14, contact your employer right away to ensure they sent it to the correct address. Reviewing your W2 early will allow you enough time to address any concerns and correct mistakes. If you recently moved or got a new job before December 31 of the tax year you’re filing for, you might want to err on the side of caution and review your information with the human resources department before your return is sent.

You can never be too careful when it comes to your tax return. Review your information each year and contact our professionals at Community Tax to make sure that your experience is seamless and hassle-free.

Types of Tax Prep Services from Community Tax

Our experienced tax professionals have solved every tax issue imaginable. We want to help you get out of debt and stay out of debt, which is why we have a diverse team of tax advocates with extensive experience in tax preparation, tax law, and accounting. If you have other tax problems that you want settled, consider our variety of tax services.

Other Financial Services from Community Tax

Looking to get ahead this season? We also provide accounting, bookkeeping, and CTax monitoring services to get you off to a good start. Individuals and businesses alike have benefited from our comprehensive accounting program. We’ll pair you with an experienced tax professional who will learn and adapt a plan to your financial situation. Contact us and we’ll tailor our services to your individual requests.


Our experienced accountants will analyze the features of your business and its accounting process. No matter what industry you’re in, our dedicated team will connect accounts, solidify the workflow of your bookkeeping, and polish every accounting detail. Browse our bronze, silver, and gold package deals and choose a comprehensive plan that works for you. Sit back and manage your business while we do the tedious financial work. Looking for a custom accounting service tailored to your business? Pick from our á la carte services to get exactly what you want. From state and local payroll filings to 940/941 filings and amendments, our tax experts will give you personalized service so your business can flourish.


If you want a professional to keep records of your financial affairs. trust the team at Community Tax A skilled bookkeeper can make or break your business, and our professional bookkeepers will dot every “I” and cross every “T” to keep your business in tip-top shape. We take a hands-on approach when assisting our clients; we’ll keep accurate detail of your finances to give you comprehensive monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. You’ll never have to worry about missing documents and records with our expert bookkeeping services. Let us take on your bookkeeping so you can focus on expanding your business.

CTax Monitoring

Our CTax Monthly Monitoring & Protection Program pulls out all the stops when it comes to tax assistance. We implement strategies to prevent issues with the IRS, give you year-round identity theft assistance (especially important as rates of identity theft continue to rise), and a detailed annual tax return all for the same monthly fee. You can rest assured that you’ll have us available to you all year long to provide any tax assistance you require.

When to Consider Hiring a Tax Advocate

Many people forego hiring a tax advocate because they don’t see the sense of spending more money while they’re in dire financial straits. Filing taxes while you’re young is easy, but when you acquire loans, change your marital status, gain dependents, acquire assets, or bear an unexpected financial burden, taxes become more and more complicated. Hiring a tax professional to help shoulder this burden is an excellent long term investment. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by your filing cabinet, it’s time to act. Be proactive by letting a professional from Community Tax take care of the busy work. We’ll match you with a team of tax experts to organize your finances, file your taxes, and prevent costly financial issues.

Tax Advocates at Community Tax

Our Certified Public Accountants and enrolled agents have helped clients save millions of dollars. We’ve persuaded the IRS to ease tax debt, remove garnishments, and implement payment strategies to ensure our clients achieve their financial goals.

  • Certified Public Accountants

Certified Public Accountants—or CPAs—have the legal authority to prepare audits for individuals and businesses, as well as represent clients before the IRS. Our CPAs are knowledgeable in business finance and taxation.

  • Enrolled Agents

Many of our enrolled agents began their career working for the IRS. This experience gives them unique insight into tax regulation, tax law, and legal procedure. Like CPAs, they have the unlimited right to represent on their client’s behalf before the IRS.

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Why You Should Hire Community Tax this Tax Season

Our results speak for themselves: clients choose us because we deliver superior service. We’ve earned an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau, and the IRS has named us an Approved Continuing Education Provider. We’re also accredited by the Department of Consumer Affairs and a verified member of the National Association of Tax Resolution Companies. Our clients have praised our abilities to resolve tax debt issues and discrepancies with the IRS. We’ve saved over $250 million in taxpayer debt, and solved thousands of tax-related cases. We believe in your success, and we want to help you make your financial dreams a reality. We have decades of combined experience behind us to get you on the path to financial freedom.

Community Tax is the premier tax preparation service for clients who want to create a positive financial future. From recovering a lost W2 form to representing clients before the IRS, our tax advocates have helped save millions of taxpayer dollars each year. If you want to learn more, contact us at 999.676.4319 for a free consultation.