What is a Tax Abatement Service?

Tax debt is a huge issue for many people in this country and unfortunately, it often results in significant financial problems for taxpayers. There is good news, though, and it comes in the form of the many resolution options available to those struggling with debt. As one of the main causes of tax debt is the penalties and fees associated with not paying or filing taxes on time, it stands to reason that one of the best methods of resolving the debt would address those added charges. Tax Abatement service, offered by companies like Community Tax, can help remove the penalties that were added to an original balance and lower the payments owed to the government.




How Do I Negotiate for a Tax Abatement Service?

Negotiating for a tax abatement service can be a tricky venture. It involves convincing the IRS or State that the penalties were improperly assessed or that the missed payment or filing deadlines occurred because of circumstances out of the individual’s control. This could involve illness and injury, being out of the country and unable to pay or other similar reasons. Proving these factors played a role in a tax debt’s growth needs to be based on solid records and evidence to show the IRS that it’s true.


How Can Community Tax Help Me?

This is where a company like Community Tax comes into play. These experts can perform a financial analysis and look at supporting records to determine the likelihood that a tax abatement service could play a role in reducing tax debt. The practitioners on a tax abatement case would be able to explain why an individual should not have been charged the penalties or fees in the first place and then have them removed. At this point, many taxpayers may just be able to repay the debt they owe and be considered current with the tax agency and have no more debt concerns. If there’s still a problem paying the balance after a tax abatement service, Community Tax professionals can find a suitable resolution plan for the taxpayer’s needs to get them out of debt. Call today to speak to a Community Tax analyst about your tax abatement needs. Call now 1-800-444-0622.