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Premier Income Tax Preparation Services

Community Tax is proud to provide premier income tax preparation services. When you work with us, you can take advantage of:

Fast Tax Preparation

On-time Tax
Return Delivery



Premier Income Tax Preparation Services

Community Tax is proud to provide premier income tax preparation services. When you work with us, you can take advantage of:

  • Accurate Filing
  • Fast Tax Preparation
  • On-Time Tax Return Delivery
  • Tax Resolution
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Need more than tax prep services?

Our tax return preparers combine income tax prep solutions with other areas of expertise, offering our clients an all-in-one solution for every tax situation. Tax liabilities don’t have to include not knowing the tax code. Individuals and business owners can count on getting larger refunds at a reasonable price when they work with Community Tax and real solutions to complex tax situations.

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Tax Prep Help from Seasoned Practitioners

When you hire Community Tax, you get access to tax professionals you can trust. Our tax firm is made up of enrolled agents and CPAs with decades of experience working with the Internal Revenue Service on everything from simple tax returns to managing complex liabilities on business returns — all with accuracy and efficiency.

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Make the Most of Your Federal Return

Our team of professional tax preparers have worked on thousands of federal tax returns and seen almost every type of situation imaginable. Federal tax filing with Community Tax can give you the maximum refund even if you think you’ve got basic returns.

We’ll ensure you get the most out of your return this year.

We Put You First

Let’s secure the maximum refund and show you every tax credit and itemized deduction you can claim on your federal tax return. The moment you enlist our tax prep services, you become our priority. After providing your information, you’ll get a call within 24 hours from a dedicated tax practitioner assigned to your individual returns.

Tax stress is a thing of the past—let us take it from here.

Better Value

Tax preparation services don’t have to use up your whole tax refund. With Community Tax, you get more value for your money. We have the know-how to the biggest refund you deserve, even on complex tax returns. Plus, we charge less than competitors but provide you with more-seasoned preparers.

When your finances are on the line, every second counts. Don’t wait.

Reasons to use Our Tax Preparation Services

Not Enough Time

Daily obligations get in the way and emergencies happen, so filing taxes can fall by the wayside. Waiting to the last minute can cause you to make serious errors and forget deductions that could have given you a considerable return.

Mistakes on a
Previous Return

Making a simple mistake on your taxes can cause problems in the future. When you make a mistake, you are at greater risk of audits, tax penalties, and accrued interest. A professional tax preparer can find errors you might’ve missed and correct them before they turn serious.

Back Taxes or Liability

As soon as you’re notified that you have unsettled taxes, you should consult a professional. Large sums of liability can be overwhelming, but working with a tax expert means that someone is by your side to help you through it. Our team has helped many clients resolve their tax issues quickly and efficiently.

Change in Marital Status

Whether you’re married or divorced, your marital status as of December 31 of the previous tax year determines how you can file. A tax specialist from Community Tax can help you pick the right filing status with a plan to move you forward.

New Dependents

Direct family members that need extra care can generally be claimed as a dependent and earn you tax credit. Contact us and we’ll see if your status as a caregiver allows you more credit.

Change of Residency

Your residency as of December 31 can make a big difference in your tax return. Each state has different income tax requirements, and it can take time to adjust to local regulations. A qualified tax professional is acquainted with state and local income tax laws, so they can help you transition into your new place of residence without incident.

Buying or Selling Real Estate

One of our tax advocates can sit down with you and discuss your options before you buy new property. If you own multiple properties, we can help manage the taxes on your investments and incorporate benefits like a capital gains exclusion.

Tax Audit

Getting audited by the IRS doesn’t need to be stressful. A tax specialist from Community Tax can quickly gather your financial information and present it to the IRS. Should issues arise as a result of the audit, your tax advocate will represent you before the IRS and negotiate a payment plan to ensure your finances are secure.

Peace of Mind

Millions of Americans suffer from stress each year around tax season. When you hire a professional tax preparer, you know you’re taken care of. There’s no need to worry about costly mistakes, accounting for deductions, and filing your taxes on time.

Tax Preparation Service FAQs

Are the tax practitioners at Community Tax licensed?

When you enlist our tax return preparers, you can benefit from comprehensive tax advice from our accountants, CPAs, and tax preparers. Every one of our tax preparers is licensed with a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). However, many of our income tax specialists have further certifications. At Community Tax, you can work with Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and/or Enrolled Agents to tackle any type of tax resolution needed.

  • Enrolled Agents. Our enrolled agents are licensed directly by the IRS. Every enrolled agent must pass a three-part Special Enrollment Examination to demonstrate their proficiency in federal tax planning, individual and business tax return preparation, and representation of taxpayers. Some of our enrolled agents have experience working in the IRS, so they know the ins and outs of tax regulations.
  • Certified Public Accountants. CPAs are licensed by state boards of accountancy. To be a CPA, these professionals must complete a rigorous CPA examination. They generally study accounting or finance and must comply with ethical requirements to obtain their license. Our CPAs have extensive knowledge of tax preparation as well as other accounting matters to get you on the right track.
  • Tax Attorneys. Tax attorneys are licensed by state courts and bar associations. Attorneys at Community Tax have an in-depth knowledge of tax law, so they understand how to navigate the on-going changes of federal and state tax regulations. They can also provide other services, like negotiating alimony during a divorce, and representing clients before the IRS.

Community Tax is the tax preparation option that sets you up for more than larger refunds when filing taxes. We set you up to succeed in a wide range of financial situations.

What do I need to do when filing taxes through Community Tax?

We believe that income tax preparation should not be a burden on our clients. We will send you a simple series of questions that allow us to prepare your annual tax return efficiently and quickly. Once you receive your tax return, you can review it for accuracy and send it back to be filed on time. Our tax preparers sign every tax return prepared and Community Tax puts a guarantee on all of our tax work.

How do I know my returns are accurate?

One complex return issue can raise a set of red flags with the IRS. Many of our customers struggle with ongoing scrutiny and pressure from the IRS and/or state taxing authorities. We go the extra length to ensure a complete and accurate tax return. Our robust tax resolution department is passionate about accuracy, and we take extra steps that our competitors at big public accounting firms don’t.

    • We file a limited power of attorney: We file a limited power of attorney on behalf of all of our clients, which allows our tax preparation specialists to contact the IRS and/or state when necessary. This also grants us the opportunity to order transcripts, representation rights in the case of an audit, and access to account records from the IRS, so that we can ensure the utmost in attention to detail when filing your tax returns.
    • We assign you a dedicated tax return preparer: All income tax returns are first assigned to a dedicated tax preparer. This skilled income tax specialist will take over the preparation of your tax return, and leave no stone unturned to ensure all listed information is accurate.
    • We follow a rigorous review process: Upon completion, the return is submitted to Community Tax’s review team, composed of seasoned certified public accountants with as much as 30 years of experience under their belt. The CPA reviewer will then analyze your income tax return with a fine-toothed comb to ensure thethat quality of the final product. Your return will be sent via mail, or email if requested, and then filed immediately upon receipt of your signature pages.

We take integrity seriously, so we retain high ethical standards while making the most out of your return. We know that a fair accurate return is a secure return, so we don’t exploit loopholes or try to cheat the IRS. You can remain in good standing with the IRS if you work with a certified tax preparer from Community Tax.

These extra measures ensure no source of income or expense is missed or left off of your income tax return.

What kind of income do I need to consider when filing my taxes?

Most types of income can be considered taxable by the Internal Revenue Service. Our income tax preparers can help you with social security income, stock sales, rental income, sale or transfer of assets, interest income, farm income, dividends, unemployment income, gambling or lottery income and any other miscellaneous income.

Also, every state exercises their own income tax requirements. As of 2016, only seven states don’t impose income taxes on their residents, including Texas, Alaska, Nevada, Florida, Washington, Wyoming, and South Dakota. Our tax professionals can keep you up to date on the latest tax codes imposed by the federal, state, and local governments to keep you in good standing with the IRS.

What kind of tax deductions am I eligible for?

Accurate tax returns lead to the maximum refunds without ongoing tax liabilities. Community Tax will work with you to determine if you are eligible for tax deductions such as higher education expenses, gambling losses, charitable contributions, mortgage interest, real estate taxes, student loan interest, IRA contributions, medical expenses and more. Just as you have business income or rental income, our tax return preparers will be watching for the kind of business deductions or common credits you can claim to make sure filing taxes turns into an actual refund.

Does Community Tax offer custom tax solutions?

Unlike some of the largest tax preparation companies, we believe in providing custom tax experiences. In addition to both individual and business tax returns, our tax department assists clients with other tax preparation needs such as audits, estimated tax payments, estate tax problems, inheritance taxes, missing tax returns, tax assurance, and much more. Community Tax handles IRS correspondence involving any IRS or state audits or notices. Call Community Tax today for more information about our income tax preparation services and to find out how we can help you save time and money this tax season.

Which tax forms do I need to file my taxes?

If you’re not sure which complicated tax forms you need, we’ve got your back. Check out our Tax Form Library and determine the right form for you.

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