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CTAX IRS Monitoring Service is the 3rd Phase of CTAX’s path to taxation security through IRS Liability Prevention. CTAX was created to alleviate the existing tax burdens on tax payers without the financial means required to remedy their tax liability. We have decided it is not enough to only resolve existing issues; we must help ensure our clients never develop these issues again. More importantly, we aim to prevent these issues from ever affecting tax payers in the first place. Our prevention strategies are designed for individuals and families. Full Time Employees and Retirees benefit the most. *See Program Details- Plans limited to one return per Agreement. Additional fees may apply.

Every Day Tax Assistance

New addition(s) to the family, recent matrimonies, adoptions, or divorces, these can all have implications; from how to properly file a tax return, to adjusting your tax withholdings, or making a correct Federal Estimated Tax Payments. Understanding how to make these adjustments are vital when it comes to properly withholding the correct amount of tax. Community Tax can make sure that if you experience a life changing event, you are not having too much or too little Federal income tax withheld from your pay.

IRS Compliance Updates

This service is the core to all of our prevention plans and allows 24/7 Personal/Business account monitoring. Within 30 days of filing form 8821 CTAX will begin receiving all IRS mail correspondence notifications that are sent to your attention. Please note you will still receive all of the same IRS notifications and this authorization does not allow us to act on your behalf. However this key component to our Prevention Plans allows us to reach out and provide advice before a notification becomes problematic.

Tax ID Theft Resolution

Unfortunately Identity Theft is a serious new problem in all parts of the world today, especially the United States. Many Citizens don’t realize that Identity Theft can significantly impact your standing with the IRS. Individuals that experience Identity Theft as it relates to tax often find fraudulent personal income tax returns filed by others reporting income they never received and claim taxes that were never actually paid. These balances can quickly escalate into the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands before anyone realizes their Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number has been compromised. Furthermore, unwinding this issue can seem even more frustrating, complicated and almost impossible, in fact, the IRS openly states these are among the most complex cases they handle. Our Tax Practitioners have resolved many of these cases directly with the IRS’ Identity Protection Specialized Unit. In the event these unfortunate circumstances affect you, we will work with you in a streamlined process to get results efficiently and effectively. You have nothing to worry about because our Tax Authorization information often prevents this problem from occurring. But in the event they do all clients will receive 100% support until result at no extra charge.

Annual Tax Preparation

After one year full membership, our Premier Prevention Package customers will receive tax preparation for a basic 1040 tax return which is reviewed and signed off by one of our leading Certified Public Accountants. Any tax return(s) that Community Tax preparers on behalf of our members and clients shall receive the confidence of IRS Audit Defense ($5,000 value) service that is represented by one of our in-house Tax Attorneys. Should you require any schedules to be filed with your tax return(s) they will be added at only 50.00 per schedule*.

*Schedule fees are a minimum fee; fees do vary upon complexity of schedules to be filed. NO fees will be added without your informed consent.

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