Chicago CPAs & Tax Accountants

chicago-accouting-firm If you’re looking for a Chicago accounting firm, consult with the trusted professionals at Community Tax. Located in the Chicago Loop at 17 N. State St. Suite 210, the team at Community Tax is composed of the top tax accountants in Chicago. We’re a full service tax company and promise to always put you first. Read through our list of services to discover why we’re the best Chicago CPA firm, and find out how we can help you or your small business with tax-related needs.

Personal Services

The online software you see offered by Turbo Tax or H&R Block won’t get you the most money back on your federal tax return. While it’s easy to sit down at a computer and answer a few quick questions, you’re missing out on some potentially significant write-offs. What you save in convenience, you pay for in your return. Consider the advantages to outsourcing your taxes to our Chicago CPAs:
  1. Expert Advice

    Our tax accountants in Chicago will offer professional advice on how to save more money on your taxes. For example, you might be eligible to contribute more money to tax-sheltered accounts, claim childcare or educational expenses, or claim deductions for adoption, educator expenses and more. We can comb through your financial records to find all tax deductions and tax credits you qualify for, such as gambling losses, charitable contributions, mortgage interest, real estate taxes, student loan interest, IRA contributions, medical expenses and more.
  2. Save Money

    benefits-of-hiring-cpaSome people shy away from hiring an accountant out of fear of cost. However, when you outsource your taxes to our Chicago accounting firm, you could be saving potentially thousands of dollars. In this regard, hiring a CPA can be seen as a personal investment with a higher payout than buy-in. Most types of incomes are taxable by the IRS, and you can face stiff fees or penalties if you neglect to report any taxes. We make sure that doesn’t happen by thoroughly checking all sources of income, including social security income, stock sales, rental income, sale or transfer of assets, interest income, dividends, unemployment compensation, gambling or lottery income and any other miscellaneous income.
  3. Less Time

    The more complex your taxes are, the more time it will take you to file them. Especially in the cases of independent contractors and those with dual incomes, the amount of lines and itemizations on your return can be dizzying. Put aside the IRS jargon, and let Community Tax file on your behalf – in a fraction of the time – and have one less thing on your plate.
Our Chicago accountants offer more than just tax preparation. We provide tax resolution and debt relief services for those facing pressure from the IRS. If you’re facing back taxes, we will not only work with you to find the best, most affordable resolution option possible, but will also prevent the situation from reoccurring. When you work with us, we will implement a resolution that ensures IRS and/or State compliance. Our seasoned CPAs in Chicago can help you take care of:
  • IRS tax liens
  • Levy notices
  • Unfiled income tax returns
  • Business tax problems
  • Payment plans
  • Garnished wages, and more
Every one of our Chicago tax accountants is, at a minimum, licensed with a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), however many are also Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), and/or Enrolled Agents. Beyond the licensing, the Community Tax team has handled thousands of returns and seen almost every type of situation imaginable. To date, we’ve resolved over 250 million dollars in tax debts. Whether you’re looking for a Chicago CPA to assist with past, present, or future returns, call Community Tax to see what we can do for you.

Small Business Services

The Community Tax accounting firm in Chicago offers the same, diligent tax services to small businesses as we do to individuals. Tax laws for businesses are much more complex than personal federal income tax, and our skilled professionals will make sure you pay the least amount in taxes possible so you can maximize your profits and maintain your bottom line. In addition to our tax preparation and resolution services, Community Tax can act as your business’s bookkeeper and accountant.
  • Bookkeeping Our bookkeepers use a hands-on approach when overseeing deposit and credit transactions, disbursements bookkeeper vs accountantand charged transactions, as well as credit card transactions on your company card. As a company with a rich history of helping taxpayers fix tax problems, we have designed bookkeeping programs with our experiences in mind, gearing them towards the prevention of any future tax issues.
  • Accounting The Chicago accounting services we offer handle more than taxes and payroll. First, we’ll learn your company personally, and pair you with a dedicated team to connect with your accounts. Then we will check account reports, adjust journal entries, make quarterly and annual payroll tax returns, as well as prepare W-2’s and 1099 Misc’s. We will always ensure the highest level of security and discretion.
Our small business accounting practices can help at any stage in your company’s growth. We’ve worked in all types of industries, from trucking to construction, distribution to retail. Manage your business on perfectly accurate financials and let us do the tedious work. We’ll help you save time and money, letting you focus on what really matters—improving sales and growing your business.

Why Choose Us?

You’ve probably read through a lot of empty promises in your search for Chicago CPA firms, so what makes Community Tax different? See what makes us stand out against our competitors:
  • We’re proud of our work. So proud, in fact, that our tax preparers sign their name on each return prepared. Community Tax will also put a guarantee on all of our tax work in the event of an audit.
  • We’re more than just accountants. Our team is staffed with a medley of Attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents to resolve individual and business tax issues.
  • We take steps our competitors don’t. By filing for a limited power of attorney on behalf of our clients, we can contact the IRS and order transcripts and account records to ensure no source of income is missed or accidentally left off by our customers.
  • We provide world class customer service, and treat our clients with the utmost respect, patience, transparency, and accountability.
  • We stay informed. Our team completes continuing education and ongoing training to ensure that we are always up-to-date on new IRS policies and laws.
  • We’ve become a leading provider for tax solution services – both nationally and locally, here in our Chicago CPA firm.
  • We offer free consultations and all of our services come at an affordable fixed cost, so there are no surprises or hidden fees down the road.
  • We only charge for what you need. You can purchase one of our comprehensive bundles, or shop our services al a carte. Give us a call to sign up your first month for free.
Don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers say. We’re dedicated to assisting taxpayers nationwide with their related tax needs, but at the core of our business is our Chicago accounting firm. As we’ve evolved and grown into the nation leading provider of tax preparation, resolution, accounting and bookkeeping services, we’ve always stayed true to our founding principles: topnotch customer service, a guarantee in our work, and commitment to customer satisfaction, no matter what. Conveniently located within the Chicago Loop, Community Tax is your go-to destination when searching for a Chicago CPA firms. Come give us a visit and an opportunity to earn your trust.