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Community Tax has customized Accounting Services that are designed and proven to help your business manage its finances. A professional staff of CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers will assist you with your business’s accounting needs. Our team has worked with all types of industries, companies with a small or large number of employees and businesses, and both local and national companies. Community Tax’s accounting staff will help your business save money and time so that you can focus on what really counts; improving sales and growing your business.

Our bookkeepers take a hands-on approach to assisting clients. Whether you are in trucking, construction, distribution or retail, our staff will customize a monthly, quarterly and annual report structure, tax filing and reconciliation and maintenance. Community Tax also offers consulting services for accounting, tax planning and other relevant business matters. Our employees are discreet, trustworthy and natural problem solvers that will work with you to strategize the next steps for your business. No matter what type of business you have, these services can save you time and resources.

Our team will also help you oversee deposits and credit transactions, disbursements and charged transactions, as well as credit card transactions for your company card. Community Tax will assist you with payroll accounts and records each month. Furthermore, our accounting services include checking account reports, adjusting journal entries, quarterly payroll tax returns, annual payroll tax returns, preparation of W-2’s and 1099 Misc and preparation of annual income tax returns all for a fixed, affordable monthly cost.

As a company with a rich history of helping taxpayers fix tax problems, we have designed our bookkeeping programs with our experiences in mind and geared towards preventing any tax issues from arising in the future. We believe that our accounting services provide clients with the tools to allow their business to grow. Every client benefits from only paying for the services they need and the ability to adjust their services seasonally if needed. Clients will also enjoy the comfort of trusting licensed CPA’s and accountants. Community Tax works with business owners to ensure that they are assigned a team member that can handle their industry specific needs, have the necessary experience and can work both quickly and diligently. We maintain the highest level of security and discretion to protect you and your business. Call us Community Tax Bookkeeping today for more information about how our bookkeepers can change the way you do business.

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