Ahh, summer. It’s time for barbeques, beaches, and sunshine. While the weather is certainly enjoyable, it can get overwhelming when high temperatures invade your neighborhood. But how do you stay cool during the summer without compromising on your monthly budget? We’ve got some tips to help you save on your utility bill, no matter how hot the heatwave is.

1) Reduce use during peak hours

In order to optimize their revenue, many energy providers implement surcharges when customers use power during “peak hours.” These times vary depending on your provider, but it’s important to find out your energy company’s regulations if you want to avoid incurring added fees on your water or electric bill. This way, you can limit your use or get out of the house when rates are most expensive.

2) Use fans instead of AC

It’s much cheaper to cool down a single room rather than an entire home, so use ceiling fans, swamp coolers, and area fans to your advantage. Try to limit your AC use to those extra hot days of summer, and use a fan to keep you comfortable during moderate heat. When you’re out for the day but want to keep the house cool, be sure to close your blinds to block the sun, rather than running the air conditioner. 

3) Opt for outdoor cooking

One of the best parts about summer is barbecuing! Rather than heating up your oven or stove, opt for a backyard meal. This will help keep your home from getting any hotter, and makes for a great excuse to gather family and friends over for a barbeque, or even an outdoor pizza night.

4) Take a moment to unplug

You may be running up your electricity bill without even realizing it! Unplug appliances, electronics, and chargers when you’re not using them to help you save on your electricity expenses.

5) Change your thermostat settings

It’s no question that running your AC is expensive… but did you know that lowering your thermostat even one or two degrees can make a huge impact on your bill? The lower the temperature, the higher the bill. Invest in a thermostat you can program so that the temperature is kept high while you’re away, and regulated while you’re home.

6) Get your HVAC system serviced

Make sure your air conditioner is functioning at its best before summertime heat strikes. A faulty HVAC system could run up your electric bill, without efficiently cooling your home. A simple annual check up can help you ensure everything is working in order, so you get the most bang for your buck.

7) Get out and about

If you can’t stand the heat at home, get out! Save on your electric bill by enjoying cooler temperatures elsewhere. Check out some of these cool ideas:

  • See a movie at the theater
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Head to the beach
  • Browse at an indoor shopping mall
  • Take a dip in the lake
  • Lounge by the pool
  • Go to a museum or art gallery


Summertime is for fun in the sun, not overspending on your utility bill. Use these tips to help you stay cool during the hottest days of the summer!