February 14th is the most romantic day of the year—and oftentimes the most expensive! Red roses, diamond jewelry, and chocolates can add up to quite the hefty bill. So how do you spoil your sweetheart without taking out a loan from the bank? We’ve rounded up some creative ways to save on any grand gesture you have planned this year. For all you hopeless romantics out there, this one’s for you.

DIY Movie Night

You’re never too old to enjoy a blanket fort! Instead of going out for a pricey dinner and movie date, stage your own DIY version at home featuring an adorable living room hideaway. Start the evening off by cooking a meal together. If you want a comforting dish, go for one of your favorites. But if the two of you are all about adventure, try something new! Cooking is a great bonding experience, and you’ll love the shared memory of all your kitchen mishaps and triumphs.

After you eat (by candlelight, of course) make a blanket fort using quilts, chairs, sofas, and twinkle lights to create a cozy nest to curl up in. Bring your laptop to stream a film on Netflix, and voilá! The perfect DIY movie night has made this Valentine’s day one to remember. Pro tip: Buy off-brand ingredients or shopping at bulk-buy stores like Costco can bring down the price of your  pre-movie meal!

Find Deals on Groupon

If you’re set on finding a romantic activity for the two of you to enjoy, take a look at the deals on Groupon. You’re bound to find plenty of couples massage classes, wine tasting events, and sunset dinner cruises at a heavily discounted price. If you want to stick to the standard fancy dinner, some restaurants also offer deals on Groupon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Use Credit Card Perks

Whether you get cash back or points for travel purchases, use your credit card perks to afford a lavish Valentine’s day celebration without emptying your wallet. Have a couple hundred bucks saved up in rewards? Splurge on a sentimental gift for your significant other and order expensive champagne! If you have a credit card that mainly rewards you with travel points, use them to book a romantic getaway in a nearby town. The two of your can spend the night exploring a new place and enjoying each other’s company, all without paying a dime!

Wait Until February 15th

Valentine’s day staples, like boxed chocolates and cute greetings cards, all go on sale immediately after February 14th. Save your romantic date until the day after to score some major savings! Restaurants won’t be packed and they likely won’t have the pre fixe menus they force you to pay for on Valentine’s day. Fancy alcohol will likely be discounted, and there’s a possibility that jewelers will even have post-Vday sales on sparkly accessories for the lovely lady in your life. Pushing your plans a day late could make the difference between going into debt over a date!

Make It a Group Date

The more the merrier! Invite over several of your couple friends for a group Valentine’s day date to lessen the load on your own wallet. You could turn the gathering into a potluck where you all bring a main dish, or just have a board game night with snacks on the side. Whatever you decide to do, make sure everyone is pitching in a few bucks for the things that cost money. A fancy bottle of wine might be out of your price range, but when it’s split between six people, it’s much more affordable!

No matter how much cash you have in your pocket, you can easily make this Valentine’s day one for the books. All you need is a little creativity and an adventurous partner, and you’re all set to make romantic memories that will last a lifetime.

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