Is getting fit in the new year on your to-do list? Shed the pounds while being savvy about your spending so your new healthy habits don’t become a financial burden. Take advantage of these great ideas on how to make the most out of a new gym membership.

Use a Gym Subscription Service

Instead of paying a hefty fee for an expensive boutique gym, try using an exercise subscription service that lets you sample many different workout facilities. Think of it as a fitness smorgasbord—from pilates to boxing, you can try all sorts of fun classes that you wouldn’t be able to find by attending just one gym. If you find something that you love, these services often offer discounts for signing up for a membership.

Take Advantage of Free Online Resources

The internet is jam-packed with advice from enthusiastic fitness bloggers and personal trainers. Not only can you find helpful information about healthy eating, there are endless websites with free follow-along workout videos you can do in your bedroom. If all that hardcore gym equipment scares you, many of these resources require little to no extra equipment—just bring yourself and your willpower to transform your health!

Join at the End of January

Getting in shape is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions, which is why gyms run special promotions at the beginning of each January. Even if you’re itching to get on the treadmill, waiting until the end of the month could save you some big bucks. It’s likely that gyms are trying to hit quotas for new memberships and will be more willing to strike a deal for an even lower price. Be sure to directly ask if there’s any chance you can get a better deal—you never know until you try!

Don’t Pay for all the Bells and Whistles

It’s easy to get caught up in the splendor of an all-inclusive gym. The fancy showers, pretty pool, one-on-one classes, and on-site masseuse can be tempting, but they definitely hike up membership costs. If you’re only planning to use a portion of those benefits (and try to be realistic with yourself), there’s no need to pay for them. Find a fitness facility that gives you exactly what you want without tacking on extra fees for resources you’ll never take advantage of.

Join with a Friend for Discounted Rates

Using the buddy system can keep you from breaking the bank! Gyms often offer discounted rates for friends or groups who join at the same time. Because they’re gaining multiple members at a time, it’s likely they’ll reward you with a special offer to keep you coming back. Not to mention, having a workout buddy will help keep you on the grind once your motivation starts to wane!

Pay for a Full Year Upfront

While it may sound like an expensive option, paying for a full year up front can save you a pretty penny. This is particularly true for boutique gyms that offer unique classes—monthly memberships can gouge your savings account, while year-long commitments could potentially save you hundreds. Just be sure that you’re willing to stay with that particular facility the whole time. There’s nothing worse than losing interest halfway through the year and realizing you’ve wasted a big chunk of cash.

No matter if you like to lift weights or relax in yoga class, there are plenty of ways to save money on a gym membership. Getting fit has never been so financially easy!

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