Tax Assurance

Prevent tax problems before they arise with tax assurance and monitoring resources. Tax assurance and tax monitoring systems are designed to help you remain in good standing with the IRS. Through these services, we can ensure that the information used for your taxes is correct and competed in a timely manner. The Community Tax Assurance Program (TAP) includes preventive services, tax identity theft assistance, and tax prep services.

Tax Scams

Tax scams can land you in hot water with the IRS. Whether you’ve knowingly taken advantage of the system by claiming false deductions or evading your taxes or have been misguided by a tax preparer, at the end of the day you are liable for tax scams. And, if the IRS catches you working the system, you’ll be facing serious consequences including penalties and possibly criminal charges. If you find yourself in this situation, one of our tax attorneys can help.

What To Do When You Get A Fake IRS Letter

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Tax Preparer Fraud

When tax season rolls around, over 50 percent American taxpayers opt to have their taxes done using professional tax preparer...

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IRS Scam Calls

Have you recently received a phone call from someone claiming to represent the IRS? Perhaps they said that you owe taxes...

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Offshore Tax Haven

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Tax Assurance + Monitoring FAQs

Learn more about tax scams that can cause trouble with the IRS by reviewing our popular tax scam questions.

Assurance services are performed to validate the accuracy and quality of financial documentation. Assurance services also evaluate risk of certain financial aspects to help individuals and businesses avoid problems with the IRS. In addition to filing taxes, assurance services can help businesses make sound financial decisions. There are three levels of assurance services: audits, examinations, and reviews. A review is a limited assurance where documents are evaluated to determine whether they are in accordance with a specific financial reporting framework. An examination is used when providing assurance on information other financials, such as security or sustainability. And finally, an audit is used to verify that financial documents are free of errors and fraud.

Assurance services include an opinion or conclusion based on the documentation that’s been evaluated, whereas non-assurance services do not. Instead, they will simply issue a factual report based on specific procedures.

An audit is a type of assurance service. An audit may be performed for self-regulation and peace of mind or in accordance with a request.