Your tax status will change throughout your life, and so will your finances. That’s why you need a taxpayer advocate to help you navigate the complicated world of taxes. Filing your own taxes can be frustrating, especially when your status changes or you sell or acquire new assets. Marriage, divorce, children, dependents, real estate sale or acquisition, stocks, inheritances, acquired or cancelled debts, levies, and garnishments can bury you in tax documents filled with confusing IRS jargon. This doesn’t have to be you—with a tax expert from Community Tax, you can rest assured that a trained and experienced professional will be by your side every step of the way.

Our team of experienced tax preparers come from diverse backgrounds with decades of combined experience. We have a team of enrolled agents, Certified Public Accountants, and tax attorneys who dedicate their entire career to helping others find what they need to reach their goals. Over the years, we’ve resolved over $250 million in taxpayer debts with thousands of clients. The numbers speak for themselves: our clients choose us because they get results. As national debt continues to rise, there’s a growing need for professional tax advice.

Why Hire a Tax Advocate?

Deciding to hire a tax advocate can be the difference between saving, spending, or falling deep into debt. Have you noticed your filling cabinet getting fuller and fuller until it’s overflowing with complicated documents? When you acquire assets, change your marital status, gain dependents, take out loans, or contend with another financial hurdle, you’ll need to keep a report on everything you receive and everything you pay. Then you’ll need to formulate a budget and find a way to reach your goals. Whether you want to build a family, buy a home, go on a trip, or simply get out of debt. Our professionals have resolved every unique case possible.

Many people struggle to decide whether they want to hire a taxpayer advocate. For some, it may seem counterintuitive to spend more money when what they really want is to save, invest in a licensed professional now and you’ll thank yourself later. Reap the benefits of a tax advocate team that’s passionate about giving you financial freedom.

Why Community Tax?

Many businesses with taxpayer advocate services charge ridiculous hourly fees and make promises that are unethical or unreasonable. They may overstep their boundaries and make unprincipled decisions that put you at risk of legal trouble with the IRS or cut corners that can lead to costly tax penalties in the future. They may make lofty promises that they can’t fulfill, such as an unrealistic amount of tax deductions or an unreasonable request for debt forgiveness. A qualified tax professional with integrity would never make lofty promises that only lead to disappointment or put you and your finances at risk. That’s why we rely on honesty and experience to provide expert services to our clients and they always come out with a plan to save their financial future.

How We Assess Your Taxes

At Community Tax, you’re guaranteed excellent service with little work on your part. We start with a no-fuss questionnaire with simple questions regarding your financial state and requests and then we take it from there. Unlike other services, we won’t charge high fees upfront before we perform a thorough investigation into your finances.

If we feel you need more help beyond a simple tax filing, we’ll look further into the situation. We gather your financial information by filing a Tax Authorization Form 8821 with the IRS or the equivalent form the State Taxing Authority to put together a concise record of everything we need. You’re also welcome to contribute any documentation or financial information concerning changes in marital status, inheritances, dependents, assets, or more.

After we gather a comprehensive record of your taxes and finances, we begin the process of examination. Your designated tax practitioner may collaborate with other members of the team to analyze your situation and start devising a strategy to give you the best results. We are always available for any questions during this time, and we’ll contact you with the plans we have to move forward.

Once we decide a course of action, we’ll notify you with the results. We can find and correct tax form mistakes, resolve debt issues with compromises and installment agreements, and come up with new strategies suited for you so that you can pay any debt you may owe. Our IRS advocate team has worked with everyone from individuals to big business in a vast array of circumstances, so you can rely on us for top-notch results. Below are just a few reasons you should hire Community Tax as your go-to source for expert tax services.

Reasons You Should Choose Community Tax

There are many reasons to hire a tax professional whether you just want someone to take care of your finances or you want to resolve a deeper tax issue. Don’t feel the burden or shame of tax debt when Community Tax is here to represent you and give you the confidence to succeed. Prevent or manage tax-related concerns when any of the following may arise:

  • You or Someone Else Made a Mistake

People make mistakes. Whether it’s from you, your employer, or the IRS, you have a responsibility to maintain your records. Sometimes mistakes go by unnoticed, but most of the time you’ll receive a notice from the IRS. This notice will tell you of any inconsistencies between your records and theirs. Something as simple as a failure to mark the correct information for backup withholding taxes can prevent you from getting valuable money back when you go to file your taxes. As soon as you receive a letter from the IRS, you should contact a tax professional right away. We’ll easily amend your return to minimize penalties and discrepancies that can complicate your financial status.

  • You Have Back Taxes or Debt

If unfiled tax returns keep you from financial freedom, it’s time to file them right away. Unfiled returns can result in accrued interest and penalties that can keep you from obtaining credit or reaching your financial goals. Should you refuse to file your taxes or pay off your debt, you may become subject of a levy issued by the IRS. No matter how daunting your tax debt may feel, it’s nothing compared to having your assets seized and being put in a poor financial position. Don’t let this happen to you–contact us and we’ll get started right away on helping you file your taxes and compromise with the IRS to negotiate a payment plan or maximize your returns.

  • You Changed Your Marital Status

Keep record of everything that occurs within the calendar year that can change your filing status, including your marital status. Your marital status of December 31 is used as a guide for the IRS to tax you accordingly. Marriage and divorce are the most common reasons to hire a tax professional, and it’s a positive foundation to create as you transition into a new chapter in your life. An experienced tax advocate from Community Tax will give you expert advice on whether you should file your taxes jointly or separately if you’re newly married, and build a financial plan to get you started. If you’re newly divorced, it’s vital that you hire one of our tax professionals to get you on your feet. He or she will tell you whether or not you should file separately to avoid your ex-spouse’s unpaid taxes or other debt. Other divorce-related matters like alimony are also addressed.

  • You’ve Gained New Dependents

Whether you’ve recently given birth to a baby, adopted a child, or you’re taking care of a direct relative, it’s important to get a tax advocate as soon as possible who can help you navigate the next financial steps you should take. For example, a couple filing jointly who makes less than $110,000 combined is entitled to a tax credit of $1,000 per child. A single parent or a married person filing separately who makes less than $55,000 can also claim a $1,000 tax credit per child.

If you open up your home to adopt a child into your family, the IRS will reward you with a tax credit that can amount to over $13,000 per adopted child. Before you adopt, consult a tax advocate from Community Tax so they can help maximize your tax credit and create a budget that will ensure your adopted child’s financial future.

  • You Take Primary Care of Your Parents or Close Relatives

In many cases, you can claim a direct relative as a dependent if you are their primary caretaker. People who take in their ill or elderly parents can expect a generous tax break in order to help you better take care of them. This also applies to direct relatives who have special needs, including children and siblings. Generally, this rule applies if you supply over half of the financial support for your direct relative. A dedicated tax preparer from Community Tax can help you get a fair tax break that will at least relieve your relative’s medical bills or more. Don’t find yourself beneath a financial burden for doing the right thing–we can help ease the load with a tax break that works for you.

  • You Changed Your Address

Moving is already stressful business, and taxes can make it worse. State and local taxes vary from place to place, so before you plan to leave you should consult a professional from Community Tax to make a smooth financial transition. Don’t get hit with unexpectedly high tax rates in your new town or miss perfect opportunities for tax breaks you didn’t have before by using us as your guide. If you currently work in another state from your residence, we can deconstruct your taxes and streamline them to protect your finances and help you better understand the details next time tax season comes around.

  • You Bought or Sold Assets

If you bought or sold assets within the last calendar year, you should protect them with the help of a professional. Homes, real estate options, cars, boats, stocks, bonds, inheritances, and other assets are liable to hefty taxes if not handled properly. If you just purchased your first home, we will assign a tax advocate to you who will parse out all of your assets to make sure you aren’t heavily taxed. When tax season rolls around, you’ll want someone by your side who can manage all of your assets and navigate the variables to make sure your investment stays strong. They’re also qualified to give you simple advice that can help you avoid hurdles with the IRS and guide your assets in the future.

  • You Own a Business

When you start a business, it’s critical that you file your taxes with a professional who knows how. The first few years determine much of the future success of the business, and a simple mistake can lead to huge tax penalties. A tax professional from Community Tax will sit down with you, organize your finances, file your taxes, and create a financial strategy that can put you on a positive financial trajectory to ensure your achievement for years to come.

At Community Tax, we understand that your finances and tax status will change throughout your lifetime. Our tax advocates have worked with hundreds of clients in a variety of tax situations, and we provide individual solutions that help people achieve their financial objectives.

Tax Professionals with a Variety of Backgrounds

Community Tax is the premiere service that helps people from all backgrounds gain and maintain financial independence. All of our tax advocates have years of experience working in different capacities with clients, from simple tax filing to payment negotiations from the IRS. We’ve saved millions of dollars in total client tax savings. We’ve convinced the IRS to remove garnishments, ease tax debt payments, and establish payment strategies to help our clients take the first steps to financial freedom.

  • Certified Public Accountants

Certified Public Accountants have the highest prestige above all other accountants. They have endured hundreds–if not thousands– of hours studying to pass the infamous CPA exam, which is a three part exam that takes at least a year to complete. Unlike other accountants, CPAs have the legal privilege to prepare audits, and help manage financial trajectories. They have a breadth of knowledge, and are particularly skilled in business taxes.

  • Enrolled Agents

Enrolled agents are expected to have the most in-depth knowledge of the IRS and tax law above any other profession. That’s because to become an enrolled agent, people must work for at least two years in a financial capacity with the IRS or pass a stringent exam to become licensed enrolled agents. Most choose the first route, and gain valuable skills through personal experience with the IRS. This way, they learn the ins and outs of the taxation process, legal procedures, and regulations the IRS has put into place.

  • Licensed Attorneys.

Tax attorneys went to law school to specialize in tax law. The have passed their state’s bar exam, and gain critical knowledge of the law system beyond the IRS. For example, many licensed attorneys work with divorce cases to help negotiate custody, alimony, and other financial matters that can influence the family. Our licensed tax attorneys have the ability to represent their clients before the IRS on a variety of tax-related issues like debt collections, tax appeals, payment negotiations, and tax evasion.

Proven Results

At Community Tax, we treat each case with individualized care. We are passionate to resolve your tax issues in a multi-faceted process, which includes representing you, helping you file, and educating you on how you can provide for your future. Our tax advocates have worked on thousands of cases across the country and given our clients an opportunity to grow. Our services include:

  • Tax Preparation

Let us organize, examine, and file your taxes with our efficient tax filing services. We know how to fix mistakes, file back taxes, optimize your tax returns, and keep track of your taxes for the future through our tax preparation services.

  • Tax Resolution

If your tax issue needs further investigation, we’ll gather supporting documentation by submitting a proposal for the IRS or state. It can take anywhere from a week to a year to get the resolution you need, but we’ll work tirelessly to bring you a reasonable solution that works best for you. We will sit down with you and explain the details of your resolution, so you’re prepared for to proceed with the next steps and prevent the problem from reoccurring.

  • Accounting

Whether you need a simple solution to an accounting problem, or a multi-faceted resolution that gets your business in ship shape, Certified Public Accountants will work closely with you. Our team of accountants can connect your accounts, and optimize workflow.

  • Bookkeeping

Our bookkeepers have the skill and dedication to keep up with even the minutest details of your finances. Bookkeepers are vital to keeping a business running smoothly, and our team will dot every “I” and cross every “T” to make sure your finances are in check.

  • CTax Monitoring

With our CTax Monitoring service, you can expect prevention strategies designed for both individuals and families. In this package, we also provide semi-annual reports, help resolve tax identity theft, and consult about penalty abatement.

  • And more!

It’s our mission at Community Tax to provide top-notch services to our clients, whether it be for simple tax filing or complex tax issues. Our tax advocates have help save millions of dollars on behalf of our clients each year. Call us today for a free consultation at 999.676.4319 for more.