Payroll Services

Service Outline

Here's How it Works

1. Business Owners enter employee names, pay amount, and pay frequency in the ADP system
2. ADP tells the Business Owner how much they need in their bank account to run payroll
3. The Business Owner approves the amount, and ADP:
a. Direct deposits wages to employees
b. Pays payroll taxes
c. Files IRS payroll tax returns (941 and 940) and state returns if applicable
d. ADP bears the risk if there are problems with the returns (i.e. late file penalties if returns are not transmitted correctly or never received by IRS)
i. Using ADP minimizes the chance of future payroll tax problems with IRS

Community Tax Clients Qualifying for ADP Services

1. Business owners with W-2 employee(s)
2. Pay frequency of at least once per month (Ex: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly)
a. For pay frequency longer than 1 month ADP is not cost effective (Ex: business owner that counts himself as his only employee and pays himself once every 4-6 months)

ADP Script Bullet Points

(1) Community Tax has partnered with ADP to help our clients stay compliant with payroll taxes long term
(2) Automated payroll tax deposits & payroll tax filing is critical to staying compliant and ensuring our resolution work doesn’t default
(3) Because of our partnership ADP guarantees their lowest possible rates
a. ADP will beat the prices any major competitor like Paychex
(4) Because of our partnership, ADP also provides a free consultation to Community Tax clients to discuss payroll needs
(5) Can I forward your name and have them give you a call back?
a. Once forwarded ADP contacts client within 48 hours to set up an appointment
b. The client MUST MAKE the appointment or they will lose the lowest rate guarantee

Information ADP Needs to Know

1. Business owner contact (Name, phone, email, business address)
2. Number of employees?
3. Estimated annual payroll?
4. How often does payroll run?
5. Are you currently using a payroll service? If so who?


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