Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Community Tax endeavors to the premier full service tax company in the United States with the relentless focus on serving our clients as trusted advisors. We are:
  • Client Centered.We stake our collective success on the personal success of our clients,case by case regardless of size.
  • Solutions-oriented.We measure ourselves by the solutions we provide, leveraging our industry and expertise to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.
  • Principled in our advocacy.As a community of advisors and advocates, we show respect to our clients, for one another, and for our business by conducting ourselves by transparency, predictability, and candor.

Vision Statement

We believe that our common values, married with hard work, will make us an uncommon company. We strive to be remarkable. In the long-view, our goal is to be an industry benchmark in client value and operational efficiency. In the immediate term, we strive to be:
  • Evolutionary and Innovative.We will strive to cultivate our expertise, expand our knowledge base, leverage technology and refine our practice, case by case, and in every function of our business, every day in driving our value proposition.
  • Data-Driven and agile.We will constantly be looking to measure our progress, make decisions based upon the best evidence before us, and conform our process and practice wherever the data may lead.
  • Always accountable.We answer to the client, to one another, and to ourselves. We will each take ownership of our respective roles in capturing collective success. We will correspondingly accept feedback and coaching as an on-going process necessary to become better at what we do.

Core Community Values

Integrity. As advisors, advocates, experts, and colleagues, everything we do starts from a core commitment to conduct ourselves as conscientious professionals. We are governed by a collective and mutual expectation of honesty, candor and transparency. We are practical but we are not cynical.
Innovation. We embrace the inherent opportunity of productive change. We maintain a posture of poise and level-headed positivity regardless of the challenges we face–and seize every opportunity to craft and refine new solutions that capture upside for our clients and our company. We strive to disrupt the status quo and reward innovation.
Excellence. We endeavor to have the most expertise and to perform the most efficiently in the industry. We take pride in our work and we own our successes. We look upon personal and collective setbacks will clear eyes, accept responsibility for and learn from our mistakes, and commit ourselves to continual improvement. This is a meritocracy. Success is both earned and rewarded in kind.