If finance is your name and Halloween is your game, we’ve got a great list of costume ideas for you this Hallow’s Eve! From the “Monopoloy Man” Rich Uncle Pennybags to a man (or woman) made of money, we’ve got the perfect costume for you money-minded folk!

“Monopoly Man” Rich Uncle Pennybags

Nothing shows off your financial inclination quite like the Monopoly Man. It’s in the name—this man’s got money! Dressing as Rich Uncle Pennybags is much easier than you think. If you work in finance, we’re willing to bet you’ve already got the suit. If not, check out your local thrift store to get one on the cheap. Next, find that signature top hat and red bowtie. Your local Halloween store probably has one, and if you’ve got a magic store in town, you could check there too! Top off the outfit with the mustache and a cane—also available at a good Halloween store. For the added touch, stuff your pockets with Monopoly money. If anyone asks you who you’re dressed as, just look at them and make it rain!

For a gender-bending twist, women can put a feminine touch on this costume with a skirt suit and a pair of high heels. Rich Aunt Pennybags deserves recognition, too!

A Bank Robber

This is a true classic of money-related costumes and it’s a super simple costume to throw together in a pinch. Pair a black and white striped shirt with a pair of black pants and black sneakers. Throw on a black beanie and a black eye mask. Take a plain white tote and draw a dollar sign on it. Voila!

A Whole Sack of Money

If you live in a warmer climate, consider dressing as a sack of money! This costume’s simple and cheap. All you need is a burlap sack that’s big enough to fit your body, a marker, some old newspaper, string, and a few fake dollar bills! First thing’s first, draw a big dollar sign on the front of the sack. Cut holes in it for your arms and legs. Step on in and stuff the sack with crumpled newspaper till it’s nice and full. Arrange a few fake dollar bills bursting out the top, and secure it all around your neck with the string. Easy-peasy!

For those in a colder climate, consider wearing a nude or black long sleeve and leggings underneath to keep warm.

A Man (or Woman) Made of Money

This outfit requires some plain clothing, tons of fake money, and a whole lot of hot glue. Grab any simple outfit of your choice—a t-shirt and leggings, a pair of shorts, or a skirt. Lay the clothing out on the ground and get to gluing! The goal here is to cover the outfit in fake money, so that none of the fabric is visible any longer. You can go for whatever pattern you’d like, whether the dollars are all lined up or abstractly collaged.

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