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“C” Tax Problems Before They Start!

The best way to solve a tax problem? Prevent it from happening in the first place.  For on-demand tax services, look no further than CTax Monitoring.

Program Details:

Community Tax was established to alleviate your existing tax burdens. But we’ve decided that this is no longer enough. Now our aim is to ensure that these issues never resurface.

Every Day Tax Assistance:

  • Dealing with some sticky legal issues? Not a problem.
    • CTax will provide on demand, stress-free solutions.

IRS Compliance Updates:

  • Is the IRS giving you a tough time?
    • Compliance Updates will make sure all your questions are answered before you act.

Tax ID Theft Resolution:

  • ID Theft is a widespread problem.
    • Experience effective preventative measures and continual client support with our streamlined process.

Annual Tax Preparation

  • How does a Premier Prevention Package sound to you?
    • After just a year, enjoy tax preparation by our leading Certified Public Accountants and IRS Audit Defense confidence from our Tax Attorneys.

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