• The average Thanksgiving dinner costs Americans $175.65 
  • Americans spend approximately $640M on Thanksgiving turkeys each year
  • In 2018, Black Friday sales brought in a record-breaking $6.2B in online sales

Money-Saving Tips for Thanksgiving

1) Host a Potluck 

Ask guests to bring a dish to share at the table. Desserts, sides, and drinks are all excellent options!

2) Break Tradition

  • Skip out on sides or entrees that end up being wasted
  • Opt for chicken instead of turkey
  • Compare the costs of dining out or eating in on Thanksgiving

3) DIY Decor

  • Use natural materials like fall leaves and dried flowers to decorate
  • Include the kids by setting up decorative Thanksgiving crafts
  • Head to the dollar store or thrift store to find unique, budget-friendly decor

4) Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose


  • Reduce: Cut back on grocery shopping by only buying what you’ll eat day-of
  • Reuse: Make mulled wine with items already in your pantry
  • Repurpose: Don’t let leftovers go to waste: repurpose Thanksgiving dinner for lunches throughout the week


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