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Consistent with its name, Community Tax is working on a new community outreach initiative in an effort to give back to the community. This program will include professional tax and accounting services made affordable via special discounted pricing offered to veterans, teachers, police officers and firefighters. In addition to discounted pricing for these individuals who make countless sacrifices for our community, we will also be starting a new pro-bono program. This program will offer help to individuals facing extreme hardship and unable to afford our services. Each month, certain prospective clients will be nominated for free tax relief services.Our plan is to launch the program at year end.

Earlier this month, Community Tax had a unique opportunity to reach out to a group that commonly faces tax issues. Our nation’s veterans, while serving our country overseas or at military bases throughout the United States, often find themselves with unexpected federal or state tax balances that include penalties and interest. This year, a small team from Community Tax visited the Warrior Summit in St. Louis, Missouri to speak with veterans and to gain an understanding for how their tax issues have arisen, and listen to some of the most pressing challenges they face. This one day event brought together businesses, agencies and organizations providing assistance to approximately 5,000 members of our military from the Midwest.

At the Warrior Summit, veterans had an opportunity to interact with organizations offering assistance ranging from legal issues, VA home loans and housing, medical care, VA education benefits, employment and many other needs they may have. Tax debt is a critical problem because in addition to the obvious consequences, it can impact their eligibility for some of the above mentioned assistance programs. George Perez, a dedicated Community Tax Case Manager and also a veteran himself, said that tax issues “can hinder any veteran from transitioning to civilian life and developing a worthwhile careers or starting a new business. While other veteran organizations help with homelessness, unemployment or health issues, none of the booths at the Warrior Summit were even aware that there was an organization like community tax with a focus and expertise in the resolution of tax debt issues. I am proud to have represented Community Tax and offer our help to my fellow veterans.”

Our great nation’s military personnel struggle with their taxes for three main reasons. They tend to change addresses frequently from being re-assigned, which makes it difficult to receive mail from the IRS or state taxing authorities. They often may commonly miss deadlines if they are called away to combat duty or are otherwise incapable of filing their taxes. Also, military taxpayers are sometimes afforded tax breaks that can be confusing.

Tax debt resolution, which involves the utilization of government created programs, can help solve all of these problems. Taxpayers that owe the IRS or state can enter into monthly payment plans or in some cases settle out their balance for a fraction of what they owe with a single payment or a series of montly payments. In some very difficult circumstances, a taxpayer can be placed into what the IRS refers to as a currently not collectible status whereby all government attempts to recover unpaid back taxes are immediately halted. These different resolution options are based on the individuals’ financial situations and can often be difficult for an individual to understand and navigate independently. At Community Tax, we have been working with these programs for thousands of clients for several years, and want to offer our experience to veterans at a price that they can afford.

Our representatives, comprised of members of the Enrollment and Resolutions teams, appreciated the opportunity to be a part of this important event and are looking forward to expanding our outreach initiatives to more veterans around the country. When talking to our dedicated services members about their circumstances and needs, it became clear how Community Tax can play an important role in the veteran community and provide crucial help to those struggling with their finances after they return home from active duty.



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