The Importance of Financial Planning: 10 Celebrities Who Squandered Their Financial Fortunes

Whether you hate to love them or love to hate them, one thing is true—celebrities make ridiculous amounts of money off various ventures. They might be able to cry on cue, run a football down the field faster than a speeding bullet, or make music that speaks to your soul, but one thing Hollywood heavyweights can’t seem to do is hang onto their money.

From strutting the red carpet to filing for bankruptcy, celebrities have fallen fast and hard from financial fortune into crippling debt. Whether it was an exorbitant appetite for the finer things in life or a string of bad luck, our list of the top 10 celebrity financial disasters show that even Hollywood isn’t exempt from money struggles.

From failed gaming ventures to plastic surgery overhauls, celebrities from varied realms of the entertainment industry have experienced their fair share of financial mistakes. Some have turned their monetary misfortunes around, while others still reside in the terrifying world of bankruptcy. Find out if your favorite made the cut in our list of the worst celebrity financial disasters.


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