America’s Rarest US Currency – The $2 Bill

Where It Began:
-The government printed its first nationalized paper bills in 1862. Paper bills weren’t popular at the time because most made less than $15 a month.

On The Bill:
Thomas Jefferson, the third U.S. President (1801–09), is featured on the bill.

Nefarious Acts:
-The $2 bill was at a strange price point. oIts value was the perfect amount for bribery, and soon became known for bribingvoters.
-Prostitution back in the day typically cost $2. If you were spending $2 bills, your wife might not be so happy.
-$2 was also a standard racetrack bet. If you bet $2 and won, you might get a bunch of $2 bills back which was further evidence of your gambling.

Where It Ended:
-Inflation brought the $1 and $2 bills closely together in value, making the $2 unnecessary. In 1966, the government decided to stop making them.

One Last Time:
-Since twos were cheaper than making ones, in 1976, the Treasury made 400 million twos for the country’s bicentennial. The bills turned out almost too well, causing people to save them as collector’s items and they have been cherished as a rarity ever since.

Amount Remaining:
-There are about 1.2 billion $2 bills in circulation. While they are still being printed, only .001% of the $1.2 trillion of coins and bills currently in circulation are ͞Toms.͟

Your Own $2 Bill
-Most banks will provide a $2 bill upon request.