Community Tax Editorial Guidelines

At Community Tax, we know that taxes can be stressful and confusing to navigate alone. Our goal
is to empower readers with knowledge that can help them make informed decisions given their
circumstances and provide resources through which they may find additional assistance.
Key Principles
  • We aim to make complex tax jargon understandable to every reader by writing in a tone that’s simple, clear, and concise.
  • Taxes are not to be taken lightly, so we honor our responsibility to provide honest and accurate information very seriously.
  • All editorial content is carefully researched, fact-checked, and updated regularly to stay abreast of industry changes. If we’re informed of any inaccuracies, our editorial team is quick to investigate.
  • The topics discussed throughout the blog are relevant and consistent, approached in a way that allows readers to build upon information learned.
Editorial Independence
  • Our editorial team is independent of relationships with advertisers and affiliates.
  • Any subjective assessment is based solely on our research and the unbiased opinion of our editorial staff.
  • To avoid conflict of interest, our editorial team does not accept commission on the review of any tax-relatable product or service.
  • All brand messaging and marketing is to be distinctly separate from educational content.
No Individual Tax Advice
  • While we aim to provide readers with valuable information, editorial content is not to be taken as personal tax advice.
  • Each situation is unique and a qualified professional should be consulted before any individual makes a tax decision that could carry a large financial impact.
  • Our writers create original pieces free of ethical concerns and we take great pride in the quality of our work. Should you ever encounter an article you feel needs improvement, please Contact Us.
Our Authors
  • The Community Tax editorial staff has been carefully chosen and trained in dynamic tax knowledge.
  • We go through a rigorous review process to ensure writing is engaging, accurate, and without error.
  • All writers on our team are required to uphold Community Tax’s editorial guidelines listed above.
  • You can learn more about the author of each post by reading their biography at the bottom of the page.
Our Team
Jacob Dayan Esq.
CEO & Co-Founder
Jacob Dayan was born and raised in Chicago. After working as a financial analyst in New York City for several years, Jacob returned to The Windy City, co-founding Community Tax in 2010. He’s a licensed attorney in Illinois and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mitchell Hamline School of Law. Jacob has penned articles spanning an array of finance and tax topics, including financial planning, resolution strategy, and more. He has been featured in publications including Yahoo, Accounting Web, and Business2Community.
Nick Charveron
EA & Co-Founder
Nick Charveron is a licensed tax practitioner, Co-Founder & Partner of Community Tax, LLC. With over a decade of experience, Nick has expertise in both the real estate finance and tax industries. Nick has authored an array of articles on financial topics, ranging from tax preparation to small business bookkeeping. He has been featured in Super Money and MovinOut, and provides comprehensive articles designed to educate the general public in matters of taxation, accounting, and more.
Jessie Seaman
Esq. & EA
As a licensed Florida attorney and IRS Enrolled Agent, Jessie Seaman has overseen tens of thousands of tax resolution cases, from financial privacy plans to complex business cases. Jessie has a passion for tax controversy work and found her passion in this niche field because it is ever-evolving, applicable to all, and in many cases, unfairly enforced. As the daughter of small business owners, she is especially passionate about helping business owners understand and overcome their tax challenges. Jessie has written articles about an array of finance topics, including small business taxation, financial planning, and more. She has been featured on The Christian Science Monitor, The Street, Jax Daily Record, Student Loan Hero, and other publications.
Sarah Nieschalk, EA
Assistant Vice President, Servicing
Sarah E. Nieschalk is an Enrolled Agent who specializes in federal and state tax collections controversy and representation. With over eight years of experience in tax controversy, Sarah’s experience includes a wide range of complex tax issues including high-dollar individual income tax collections, Trust Fund Recovery employment tax liabilities, and corporate audit cases. Sarah has been featured on SheKnows, The Street, and RetailMeNot. With her articles, she endeavors to help clients overcome their acute tax challenges as well as provide education on how to prevent future tax issues.

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