A Night at the Academy Awards: Dollars & Sense

The glitz. The glamour. The gift bags. It’s Oscars season, and on Hollywood’s biggest night of the year the stars come out to play. But just what goes into this night of revelry for the most accomplished film industry players in Hollywood? A fortune.

Producing the Oscars comes at a hefty cost, and advertisements can run companies up millions of dollars. To air a 30-second spot during this year’s Oscars broadcast, wanting companies will have to shell out $1.9 million each. If you think things are heating up on the political campaign trail, consider how much the film industry spends campaigning various films for Oscar consideration during the award season—the number sits around the $100 million marker.

Hollywood’s brightest definitely make a good showing for this elegant affair, with the average star consuming about $75,000 worth of goods in preparation. A-list starlets deserve nothing but the best, and they live up to their names by spending over $1 million on goods such as clothing, makeup, and jewelry—all to walk a red carpet.

While the night is focused on the awards and speeches, regardless of who takes home the golden statue, everyone walks away a winner. Why? The swag bags this year are something like you wouldn’t believe.  With the contents of each gift bag valued at a whopping $200,000, celebrity attendees can expect to head home with a walking tour of Japan, a year’s worth of Audi rentals, and even alcohol—hey, it wouldn’t be a Hollywood party without it.

The costs continue even after the red carpet is shut down. After-parties have become an industry in themselves, with tickets to certain high-brow Oscar affairs costing upwards of $119,000. More goes into this swanky evening than meets the eye, and looking at the breakdown of Oscars costs in this infographic might just have your jaw dropping.


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