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7 Apps to Manage Your Personal Finances

Mint: All your accounts details in one centralized place
– Tracks spending, categorizes it and alerts when you are approaching your budget limit

Acorn: Invest your spare change in low-cost ETFs
– Rounds all purchases up then invests the extra money in a portfolio of your choice

Level Money: Mobile Money Meter
– Calculates income and recurring bills, and then suggests what your spending should be

Digit: Saves money you didn’t know you had
– Scans your income and spending patterns, and transfers a portion of unneeded savings into an account that it manages

Credit Karma: Allows users to monitor spending patterns
– Provides free credit scores and recommends credit card or loan offers to improve your finances

Wally: Tracks your spending from receipts
– Scans receipts and pulls information into a budget format and shows your available money

Goodbudget: Creates envelopes for each of your spending categories
– Records and tracks spending of each envelope