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5 Ridiculously Absurd U.S. Tax Laws

Elderly Tax Exemption

In New Mexico, be sure to make it to 100 years. You won’t have to pay state income tax after that.

Diaper Tax

Don’t forget to pay taxes on those baby diapers. But if you buy adult diapers in the state of Connecticut, they’re tax free.

Hot Air Balloon Tax

In Kansas, you’re required to pay taxes on hot air balloon rides – or risk flying away. Balloons that are tethered are taxed. Those that roam free are not because they’re considered a legitimate form of transportation.

Orchestral Orthodontics

Fix your overbite now with clarinet lessons! Get a doc’s prescription and the music lessons can be deemed a medical expense by the IRS.

Sliced Bread

Avoid sliced bagels in New York City – it’s an extra 8 cents.