1) 401(k) ASAP (piggy bank icon)

Start saving for retirement as soon as possible—whether your job offers a 401(k) program, or you contribute to an IRA. This will save you tons of stress later down the road, it’s never too early!

2) Focus on paying off student loans (icon similar to this)

The longer you wait to pay your student loans, the more interest you’ll end up paying—so get it done quick!

3) Get an education (books icon)

Don’t put down the books just yet, grads! It’s time to learn a thing or two about finance management—follow some finance news publications to familiarize yourself with terminology and tips.

4) Stick to your budget (coins stacking up)

After the commencement celebrations have quieted down, start thinking about your budget and come up with a plan to hold you accountable for sticking to it.

5) Build a career (grad climbing ladder – symbolize career growth, or just a ladder for simplicity)

It can be tempting to take the first job you get as a new grad. But try to focus on how a position will impact your trajectory for the better so you don’t have to job-hop in the years following graduation.

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