When it comes to financial documents, the “shove it all in a drawer” method isn’t the most effective way to organize them. Here’s a few ideas on how to store your important paperwork so you can easily find it whenever you need to!

1. Break Out the Binders

There’s something incredibly clean about organizing your paperwork in binders. Each page is preserved in a plastic sleeve, and you can break it up into sections using color-coded tabs. Try grouping together all your tax documents in one section, your medical bills in another, loan repayment terms in another, and bank statements in another. Break it down into as many categories as you need to help you find all your documents with ease!

2. Get a Hold of Hanging File Folders

This classic organization system is an oldie but a goodie. If you’re not a fan of the book-like feel of binders, try hanging file folders to keep your documents in check. Use different colored folders to distinguish each category so you can spot the proper papers with just a quick glance. Hanging file folders can be stored in a filing cabinet, desk drawer, or even as a stand-alone organizational box.

3. Digitize the Analog Archive

Want to ditch the analog archive? Digitize all your financial documents to easily access them on your computer. Start by scanning all your paperwork and organizing them into different folders on an external hard drive. While you could store them locally on your computer, it’s best to have a backup of these files in case your computer crashes. Label all the digital folders based on what’s in them, and then be sure to label the hard drive as well. A piece of masking tape and Sharpie will do the trick!

4. Mount a Filing System for More Space

Don’t have much space to work with? Mount a tiered filing system on the wall to keep your documents organized and accessible. Just like the other methods, label each mounted bin with a new category so nothing gets lost in the jumble. This vertical system looks great above an office desk and can add some visual interest to the room while keeping your financial paperwork in check!

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