Summer’s a time for fun, but let’s not get carried away! Here are 4 ways to cut back on summer spending and ensure some change remains in those board shorts.

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4 Ways to Cut Back on Summer Spending

  • Cool Down Air Conditioning and Power Bill Costs
    • Unplug unused electronics
    • Run washer and water plants late at night or early in the morning
    • Cut back on baking
  • Cheap, Smart Ways to Have Fun
    • Buy tickets for late summer vacations/events in advance
    • Check out free festivals in your area
    • Make use of your community’s facilities
  • Good Food and Good Company
    • Stop eating out and grill out
    • Try a potluck
    • Grow your own food in your garden
  • Take Advantage of Sales
    • Buy office supplies and clothing during back to school sales
    • Check out 4th of July sales and end-of-summer sales