Every year, taxpayers find themselves in debt to the IRS and simply can’t afford to repay their full balances. For this very reason, the federal government put several tax settlement services in place. These exist to find an agreement between what an individual can reasonably repay and what the IRS or state will accept from them. A settlement typically involves a reduced balance and may involve completely removing an individual’s tax liability if the case calls for such a move. A taxpayer’s financial situation is the main deciding factor to determine their specific path toward tax debt freedom.




A lot of taxpayers ask why they shouldn’t just go it alone and negotiate for personalized tax settlement services on their own. Not only does this process go much more smoothly with a trained and experienced expert, but some people will find themselves in a tricky situation if they don’t have a detailed knowledge of tax law and the reasons that the IRS or state would be willing to remove or lower a tax balance. Not everyone in the United States is taught what an Offer in Compromise is or how to determine their eligibility for Currently Not Collectible status. These tax settlement services are very difficult to negotiate without a strong case and a lot of support in the form of financial records.





When it comes to obtaining a settlement with the federal or state tax agencies, the best move for most people is to hire a tax resolution company right away. Community Tax’s practitioners have experience savings clients millions of dollars through the Offer in Compromise and Currently not Collectible programs, in addition to the other tax settlement services out there. Clients that reach out to a company like this often benefit from a dedicated team of professionals who have successfully negotiated for a settlement hundreds of times and are committed to getting the best personalized agreements for everyone that comes to them. They’ll also provide continued support beyond the end of the resolution process, which is why hiring Community Tax is the obvious choice for many of those in tax debt. Call today for more information about how Community Tax can assist you with your settlement needs 1-800-444-0622.