At Community Tax, LLC, one of the main goals is providing excellent tax debt relief services to taxpayers’ financial problems through whatever means are available. Providing Tax Resolution Services is one of the ways to simply satisfy an individual’s personal or business debt problems and get them into a financially stable status. This often involves creating a customized payment plan that addresses a client’s full balance and helps them pay the IRS or state back on their schedule.

Frequently, taxpayers will consider undergoing tax debt relief services themselves. Community Tax recommend that the average individual not go this route, as there are a lot of options for getting rid of tax debt and navigating through them can be very tricky. Some of these programs require very thorough financial investigations and may even involve negotiation with federal or state tax agencies.

At Community Tax, our CPAs, practitioners and enrolled agents know all the ins and outs of the various federal installment agreements put in place by the IRS. Each agreement is different and addresses a variety of needs and financial situations a client might be in. Additionally, their experience in speaking to IRS agents allows them to negotiate plans for Tax Resolution Services or contracts with great confidence and skill that a taxpayer with little prior IRS dealings may not have.

When working on tax debt relief services, Community Tax practitioners believe that their department has a lot to offer. They work hard to make the entire process simple and affordable; working within a client’s budget and providing payment plans to make sure no extra financial stress is added. Tax Resolution Services may seem complicated, but with a talented team of tax professionals, anyone can find their way out of tax debt and into a personalized plan that fits them perfectly.