Every day, taxpayers find themselves in dire straits and don’t know where to turn. Many people don’t know that they can receive free tax help from the IRS by telephone, email, or Internet at www.irs.gov. U.S. residents can get account transcripts, seek advice on identity theft, and find answers to frequently asked questions by accessing these resources. The website, one of the fastest and easiest ways to get tax information and advice, allows an individual or business to track a tax refund, amend returns, and explains the effect of IRS notices. Additionally, the IRS offers email correspondence that allows taxpayers to keep up-to-date on tax and filing requirements.


What Are My Options as a Taxpayer?

Many taxpayers may not be aware of their options when they can’t make their current year tax payment. While the irs.gov website offers valuable information, the options can be confusing and stressful to taxpayers who are unable to make a timely payment. Community Tax professionals provided relevant and useful tax relief help to ease the stress by explaining various payment options while ensuring the taxpayer remains compliant with the IRS until an optimal tax resolution is approved. Additionally, working with Community Tax professionals to resolve your tax problems can give you the assurance that all the necessary steps are being taken to fix your case correctly. Community Tax CPAs, tax attorneys and enrolled agents work directly with our customers to make sure their case is handled correctly and the best tax relief help is provided until the case is resolved.


What Are Some of my Payment Options?

When looking for tax help, taxpayers may come across a wide variety of resolution plans for repayment. Some of the payment options include: financial hardship installment plans, Currently Not Collectible status, penalty abatement, streamlined installment agreement, and Offers in Compromise. At Community Tax, we will communicate directly with the IRS and find a payment plan that fits your financial status. Our professionals have years of experience in dealing with the IRS and can take the stress and guess work out of paying your taxes. Contact Community Tax today for your past, current, and future tax relief help needs 1-800-444-0622.