What is a Tax Attorney?

A tax attorney is a Lawyer who is specialized on the field of tax law. An IRS attorney has graduated and passed a rigorous state examination and are thereafter licensed by the state to practice law. While attending Law School, a tax attorney focuses their learning on the field of Tax law by taking specialized courses aimed to increase knowledge on the difficult body of law that is the Tax Code. The main issue most individuals have with a private IRS attorney is that their fees are very high. It is industry standard for a tax attorney to bill by the hour whether it is for phone calls updating you on your situation or hours spend working on preparing your case. Oftentimes, the rate can be hundreds of dollars per hour. In addition to the hourly fee’s it is standard to the bill for any documents prepared and any research performed. This also can register in the hundreds and often does.




How Does Community Tax Work?

With Community Tax we never charge by the hour. Instead, we charge a small easy to manage fee for the initial investigation. If it is determined that you need additional assistance setting up a resolution or getting caught up on taxes, we will never bill for more than what you need. And again, we will never bill hourly. We treat each case individually and with the care and attention it needs spending as much time as it needs to answer all of your questions and keep you up to date on the status of your case. We will never charge you for more than what is needed and you will be able to work directly with an enrolled agent, IRS attorney or CPA on any aspect of your case. They will be sure that the resolution is tailored to your special needs.




The Community Tax attorney department, enrolled agents and CPAs treat you as an individual, our fees are manageable, we will never bill you for calling in and asking questions. Our tax practitioners will never bill you for more than what your specific case needs. Call a tax practitioner today to find out more about our easy payment structure and tax services. Contact us 1-800-444-0622.